Kensington & Chelsea Rat Control

Rats are very territorial and persistent in nature, and this why when you realise you are in need of Kensington and Chelsea rat control, you should call in Top Dog Pest Control straight away. If an infestation is left, it will only get bigger due to the extremely fast rate that rats breed at.

The more out of control a rat infestation gets in your Kensington and Chelsea home or business, the more risk there is of health being affected given the fact that rats carry diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis and Weil's.

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Kensington & Chelsea Rat Catchers and Removal

Some of the first signs that you are in need of a Kensington and Chelsea rat catcher and removal team can include droppings, food that has been nibbled on and scratching noises behind walls or under floors.

Not only are shop bought treatments and traps largely ineffective, a rat infestation in your Kensington and Chelsea property is highly unpleasant to treat yourself. Calling in Top Dog Pest Control will mean that our professionally trained rat removal technicians lay industry grade treatments, and can close them away in tamper bait boxes to ensure the safety of children or pets. In addition, Top Dog Pest Control rat catcher technicians call back to your Kensington and Chelsea address regularly during the treatment process to remove any carcasses, so that you don't have to.

Rat Control Services in Kensington & Chelsea

Rat control services carried out by Top Dog Pest Control include strategies for more resilient rat infestations that show immunity to certain widely used treatments. As certain chemicals, such as Chlorophacinone and Warfarin, have been used for a long time now, rats are becoming immune to them and are starting to use them as a food source. Our highly experienced technicians can detect this very early on in the rat control treatment process and will swap the poison for the stronger Difenacoum or Bromadiolone.

An important and essential part of rat control services in Kensington and Chelsea is not only a thorough inspection of the interior of the property, but also a detailed examination of the exterior. Our expert rat control technicians will be looking for entry points and also for signs of nesting. Rats that enter your premises during the night could actually be sleeping outside the house and merely coming in for a midnight snack. Whether nesting inside or outside, entry points will have to be sealed up to ensure there is no return of the rat infestation. Top Dog Pest Control can deal with minor work, but if larger scale works are necessary, your dedicated rat control technician will advise you of the steps you need to take.

All throughout treatment, you will be kept informed of the steps taken by Top Dog Pest Control, who tailor every treatment plan to meet the requirements of each individual Kensington and Chelsea rat control problem.

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