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Top Dog Pest Control has the solution to your insect and pest problems in the Kensington and Chelsea area. With many years of experience and expertise, Top Dog Pest Control can eradicate insect infestations of all kinds from wasps to cockroaches, silverfish to hornets.

Our friendly technicians working in the Kensington and Chelsea area are quick, discreet, and highly effective, delivering complete extermination at a reasonable price. Top Dog Pest Control has the skills and experience to solve your insect and pest control problems in the Kensington and Chelsea area and will treat it as a matter of urgency.

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Kensington and Chelsea Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Bee nests can present a significant control and removal problem to homeowners in the Kensington and Chelsea area, particularly when they are attached to locations within your property such as in attics. While solitary bees will normally not sting unless threatened, near their nests bees can become dangerous and more prone to sting, which can cause severe reactions and anaphylaxis particularly in young children.

Once bee nests have become established within your Kensington and Chelsea property you are presented with a situation which requires a swift, professional, and environmentally-friendly solution. Fortunately, our Top Dog Pest Control technicians have the training to solve you bee nest problem by keeping the nest intact but removing it and the bees inside completely. This is much more environmentally friendly and is more effective.

Kensington and Chelsea Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nests in and around your Kensington and Chelsea property can be extremely dangerous and require rapid control and removal. Unlike bees, wasps are able to sting multiple ties, which increases the risk of allergic reactions and near their nests wasps are even more likely to be aggressive.

Removal of wasp problems and wasp nests requires the professional skill and chemical treatments utilised by Top Dog Pest Control. We use a specialised product, called Bendiocard, which quickly and effectively destroys the wasps, totally resolving your Kensington and Chelsea wasp problem in a way in which shop-bought products simply can't.

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Kensington and Chelsea Hornet Control

Hornet infestations are one of the most serious forms of insect problems that Top Dog Pest Control deal with in the Kensington and Chelsea area. Larger than wasps, hornet stings can be deadly and therefore hornet nests are extremely dangerous.

Hornets are also difficult to destroy and professional treatments are needed to eliminate them. Using a Bendiocard treatment in a stronger concentration than we use to destroy wasps' nest, Top Dog Pest Control can completely fix your hornet infestation problem in a very short time.

Kensington and Chelsea Cluster Fly Control

Whilst not dangerous, cluster fly infestations can cause extreme distress as the flies swarm throughout your home. Normally, cluster flies take up residence in Kensington and Chelsea properties during winter, which in then followed by a hibernation period before they burst out in the summer months.

It is far easier to deal with your cluster fly problem at an earlier stage before the flies begin to swarm, so we highly recommend you contact Top Dog Pest Control as soon as you discover an infestation so that we can rapidly deal with the infestation.

Kensington and Chelsea Bed Bug Control and Removal

In and around furniture, on soft furnishings, between floorboards: these are all places where bed bugs can hide during an infestation. Moreover, normal bed bug control treatments tend to kill only the actual bugs, leaving their eggs behind, and thus failing to solve the infestation in your Kensington and Chelsea property.

At Top Dog Pest Control approach the problem directly, destroying both the beg bugs and targeting their eggs using a combination of Diatomaceous earth, growth regulators, and sprays.

Kensington and Chelsea Flea Control

Although quite common in Kensington and Chelsea, particularly in the homes of pet owners, flea infestations can rapidly become a major problem that requires professional skill to solve. Spreading from room to room, flea infestations can become extremely distressing and their bites can be dangerous, spreading diseases and acting as carriers for tapeworm. Therefore, complete removal of fleas is very important.

With years of experience and training in using professional flea control methods, Top Dog Pest Control can resolve your flea infestation problem rapidly and professionally. Similar to our approach to dealing with bed bugs, we use a range of approaches and also offer advice to ensure that your flea problem does not return.

Kensington and Chelsea Silverfish Control

Silverfish may be small and look harmless, they have the ability to cause extensive damage to possessions such as furniture, books, wallpaper, and clothes once an infestation becomes established, which can be extremely financially costly. We highly recommend professional consultation as soon as a silverfish infestation is suspected to halt the destruction as soon as possible.

In the Kensington and Chelsea area Top Dog Pest Control has the expertise to utilise a two-part strategy to control your silverfish problem: first, we deploy Diatomaceous earth and insecticides to eliminate the actual infestation. And second, we can help identify the root cause of the problem and provide advice to prevent further infestations.

Kensington and Chelsea Cockroach Control

As well as being extremely unsightly and unpleasant to look at, cockroaches pose significant health risks to humans as they carry disease and cause food poisoning, so it is extremely dangerous to have them infest your Kensington and Chelsea home or business. Many people opt to attempt to control their cockroach infestation problem with shop-bought products. However, these often fail to address the problem directly as they target only the cockroaches out in the open, not those hiding in their nest within your property.

Instead of simply targeting the cockroaches outside of the nest, our Kensington and Chelsea based Top Dog Pest Control technicians identify the nest and then destroy this completely by using high doses of fast-acting chemical treatment to permanently remove the infestation.

Kensington and Chelsea Spider Control

Reports about poisonous spiders (such as False Widow spiders) making their way to the UK are on the increase and Top Dog Pest Control offers consultations and expert spider control methods to deal with spiders in Kensington and Chelsea, as well as the rest of London.

Our knowledgeable team consults to assess the danger and degree of your spider problem and then uses their training and skill to solve your spider problem, poisonous or not.

Kensington and Chelsea Ant Control

Ant infestations can be extremely tricky to control once they have become established in your Kensington and Chelsea property. Although they are very unlikely to bite and are mostly peaceful creatures, most people find the sight of hundreds of ants crawling around their home or business upsetting and want their ant problem resolved as soon as possible. Many people then turn to shop-bought products to try and deal with their ant infestation, but unfortunately these are often too weak and instead simply split the ant nest, which makes the infestation even more difficult to deal with.

At Top Dog Pest Control we have the experience and training to track down and totally destroy nests, getting right to the heart of the problem for good.

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