Islington Rodent Control

Being in need of rodent control in Islington can be a matter of urgency; this is why Top Dog Pest Control regards itself as London's 4th emergency service. With risk to both your health and your Islington property, Top Dog Pest Control will be at your service in no time at all when you contact our expert technicians to report a rat, mice or squirrel problem in or around your property.

On arrival, our knowledgeable technicians will carry out an extensive internal and external inspection of your Islington property, to determine both the source and severity of your rodent control problem. You will be informed of the process at each stage and your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician will implement the best treatment to have you rodent-free in the shortest delay possible.

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!

Islington Rat Control

It is common knowledge that rats are extremely unsanitary and carry a multitude of disease such as salmonella, Weil's and toxoplasmosis, so when you realise you are in need of rat control in Islington, make Top Dog Pest Control your first call.

Our specialised rat control services are second-to-none and trusted and used by many in and around Islington and further afield. As with all rodent control treatments, our expert technicians put your family's safety at the forefront and will consider the presence of children or pets, using tamper bait boxes to lay poison, ensuring it is only accessed by the rats it's intended for.

Islington Mice Control

Like rats, mice settle anywhere where there is a source of shelter, food and water, making built-up areas like Islington and the rest of London a perfect place for them to multiply at an alarming rate. When this is happening in your home, or indeed your business, call Top Dog Pest Control for prompt and professional service with guaranteed results.

Often seen as a lesser evil to rats, mice are in fact just as unsanitary and pose a threat to the health and well-being of those around, especially children and pets who spend time on the floor.

A mouse infestation in a business, particularly in the hospitality industry, can lead to immediate close down. Top Dog Pest Control also offers pest proofing services, so that you can deal with a potential problem before it even occurs. Contact our team today to arrange for one of our specialist technicians to come and carry out a thorough survey.

Islington Squirrel Control

Squirrels can be quirky and cute to watch foraging around in your Islington garden, but once they have taken control of your attic space, it will be a whole different story.

Top Dog Pest Control attends regular call outs to people who think they have rats in their loft based on the noises they can hear, which in fact turn out to be squirrels. Left to nest in the warmth of your roof space, they will cause serious damage to the structure of your home, as well to the electrics as they gnaw through cabling, leading to risk of fire and electrocution.

One thing a lot of Islington property owners don't know is that a squirrel carcass gives off a highly unpleasant smell. Therefore, laying shop bought poisons yourself can lead to a squirrel dying in an unreachable place in your property. Top Dog Pest Control uses baited traps that will contain the bodies until our technicians come back and dispose of them.

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!
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