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Rat control in Islington has become a more prolific problem as rat populations have risen all over London and the rest of the UK. Although the media tends to sensationalise stories of giants rats and rats the size of toddlers, the real truth is that rats are getting larger in size and starting to show immunity to certain treatments.

Neither of theses changes poses a problem for our expert Islington rat control technicians at Top Dog Pest Control, who are regularly trained to industry standards to be able to deal with all London pest control situations that might arise. Using this knowledge and their wealth of experience, our Islington rat control team will have you rat-free in no time.

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Islington Rat Catchers and Removal

On arrival at your property, our Islington rat catcher and removal team will carry out an external inspection of the premises to check for failures in the building work that may be allowing rats to gain entry. Even though rats may be increasing in size, they can decrease their body size to be able to fit through the smallest of holes in airbricks, around pipework or beneath doors. Once these have been located by your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control rat removal technician, half the battle is over as rats will no longer be able to access your Islington property.

After inspecting the interior, your Islington rat catcher team will discuss your treatment plan with you, before putting it into action. Options will include well placed baited traps, the use of Chlorophacinone and Warfarin, or in cases where rats show immunity, the stronger Difenacoum or Bromadiolone can be used.

If you have children or pets in your Islington home, Top Dog Pest Control will always use tamper bait boxes to ensure there is no risk of contact with the poisons used.

Rat Control Services in Islington

Top Dog Pest Control rat control services in Islington and the rest of London include follow-up aftercare as standard. This means that your allocated rat control technician will call back as many times as needed until both you and them are satisfied the rat infestation has been totally eradicated.

Each time Top Dog Pest Control calls back to your Islington property, they will collect any carcasses that are present, and at the end of the treatment all equipment will be taken away and you will be given advice on how to prevent your rat control problem returning.

Islington and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Islington as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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