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Top Dog Pest Control provides emergency, expert insect and pest control services throughout Islington and the rest of London alike, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable pest control technicians, we are your go-to company when you find you have an infestation of unwanted pest or insects in your Islington property. Top Dog Pest Control has a team of industry-trained technicians who will deal with your pest control problem efficiently and successfully.

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Islington Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Bee control and nest removal in Islington usually entails a very different form of pest control than when dealing with other types of pests. Given the benefit of bees to nature, Top Dog Pest Control does its very upmost to never destroy a nest, and always prefers to remove the bees to a more suited location or to a local hive.

Bees are generally less aggressive than wasps and will only become aggressive if their hive is under threat. That's said, if you have a bee nest in or around your Islington property, there may still be a risk and the advice of one of our knowledgeable technicians should be sought.

Islington Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

If you have a wasp nest on your Islington premises, the longer you leave it untreated the more likely it is to get out of control. Top Dog Pest Control issues warnings against trying to deal with a wasp nest yourself; there is a real threat that the wasps could swarm, putting you and those around you in real danger.

Dealt with by professionals such as our Islington based technicians at Top Dog Pest Control, it is a quick and simple process to eradicate a wasp nest. Using their top-of-the-range long-reaching equipment, our highly trained technicians will be able to administer professional-grade Bendiocarb directly into the wasp nest, which will kill the nest population within hours.

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Islington Hornet Control

Hornets are becoming more and more common in Islington and the rest of London alike, and like wasps, left alone they will become harder to control.

Although hornets are actually less aggressive than wasps, their stings are more poisonous and powerful, having the potential to set off severe allergic reactions in both humans and pets. More resilient to normal strength chemicals, industry-trained services are needed to administer higher concentrations of Bendiocarb; Top Dog Pest Control is the company to call!

Islington Cluster Fly Control

Opening the door to your Islington home to find a swarm of cluster flies inside can be very distressing and impossible to get under control yourself. Top Dog Pest Control advises treating cluster flies as soon as you notice a problem, ideally during the hibernation period before they start to fly and enter your home.

Using a knock-down treatment, Top Dog Pest Control will deal with the present infestation, as well as preventing future problems.

Islington Bed Bug Control and Removal

Despite their name, bed bugs can be found in a number of different places inside your Islington home, including on other soft furnishing, under and behind furniture, as well as in between floorboards, making them extremely difficult to control and remove completely from your property.

Top Dog Pest Control, however, has the necessary knowledge and experience to implement a multi-part treatment that will see your Islington home free from bed bugs. Using traditional pesticides, insect growth inhibitors and Diatomaceous earth, our technicians will also give you advice of how to eradicate the bed bugs faster by laundering clothes at high temperatures and carrying out certain cleaning procedures.

Islington Flea Control

Fleas will spread throughout your Islington property at an alarming rate and an infestation will soon get out of control, affecting multiple rooms of your house. Often associated with having pets, fleas can be brought into a property on shoes, clothes or bags from outside and it is not uncommon for flea problems to occur in residential or business properties where pets are not presents.

Not everyone reacts to fleas, but for those that do, they will soon know their Islington property has a flea infestation as multiple bites appear. In severe cases, bites can become infected and need antibiotics to control.

Islington Silverfish Control

The first signs that you are in need of silverfish control in your Islington property may be small holes in clothes, wallpaper, books and furniture. They may look like small harmless creatures, but they can in fact cause a lot of damage to a property.

The expert services of Top Dog Pest Control are two fold: firstly to treat the existing problem with a range of insecticides and the natural substance of Diatomaceous earth; and secondly to identify the reason for the silverfish infestation. Silverfish thrive in Islington homes that have problems with damp or plumbing issues. Our thorough service at Top Dog Pest Control includes tracing the infestation to its source so you can deal with the root of the problem.

Islington Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are not only unpleasant to look at but they are also very unsanitary creatures to have crawling around your Islington home, as well as being a tenacious pest that is hard to control with shop-bought products.

Top Dog Pest Control uses expertise that are not found in all pest control companies, knowing that the key to exterminating a cockroach infestation is identifying the nest and injecting strong, fast-acting chemicals to treat the problem at its source.

Islington Spider Control

With increasing reports of poisonous spiders like False Widows coming into the UK, Top Dog Pest Control offers a spider control service throughout Islington and the rest of London.

Whether you have seen just one spider and are concerned that it may be a poisonous species, or whether a spider infestation has broken out, poisonous or not, our Islington technicians will be out to you promptly to plan the best course of action.

Islington Ant Control

Once ants have found their way into your Islington premises, it can be very hard to get them under control, given the fact that they leave a pheromone trail to food they have found that shows the rest of a colony where to go.

Top Dog Pest Control advises against using off-the-shelf treatments, as these are often not strong enough and simply cause the colony to split up and form multiple nests around your Islington property.

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