Islington Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Islington bird control and bird proofing requires expert knowledge of bird behaviour in order to tackle a problem in the correct way. Top Dog Pest Control technicians have all been through extensive bird control training, enabling them to treat your Islington issue as unique and develop a tailored treatment plan.

Not only this, at Top Dog Pest Control we are well versed in the rules and regulations surrounding the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which stipulates when and how bird control and proofing measures can be carried out.

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Islington Bird Control

Islington bird control is becoming more in demand as bird numbers and confidence increase throughout London. Having heard numerous reports of attacks on humans in a bid to steal food, people are becoming more wary of birds that congregate in large numbers.

Top Dog Pest Control provides bird control throughout Islington, protecting buildings from the structural damage caused by acidic droppings, as well as the occupants from the health risks associated with bird control issues. Pigeons and gulls both carry a variety of diseases that can be especially dangerous if carried through a building by air conditioning systems.

Islington Bird Proofing

Top Dog Pest Control Islington technicians are not only highly trained and experienced in bird proofing and control, they are also fully aware of the rules and regulations that surround it, namely the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This stipulates that birds cannot be destroyed, nor their eggs or nests once they have been established. Therefore, many other methods are used to prevent birds from nesting in the first place or to encourage them to leave.

Spikes and sprung wire are popular options as they can be attached to almost any surface. Pigeons only need 2mm of space to be able to perch, so areas that are too narrow for other bird proofing solutions often call for versatile and discreet spikes and sprung wire combinations.

Netting is used for larger expanses such as building elevations and roof spaces. Despite its ability to cover large areas, it remains almost invisible, is weather worthy and very popular on Islington buildings such as warehouses and car parks. Transparent plastic strip curtains are also an excellent choice for warehouses with large goods entrances.

A very non-invasive option is non-toxic gel discs, which change the birds' vision from UV to fire-like, making them perceive the area as dangerous and evacuate.

Finally, nest removal is authorised when pigeons and gulls have vacated their nests. False eggs can also be used to make returning birds think the area is already in use by nesting birds.

Islington and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Islington as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

Bird Control Services in Islington

Top Dog Pest Control is providing more and more bird control services in Islington as bird numbers increase and tolerance for them lessens. With reports of attacks and stories in the press of restaurants having to close their doors due to problems related to bird control issues, it is an area of London pest control that is expanding rapidly.

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