Over the past month McDonald’s restaurants have been in the news due to pest control issues with maggots, mealworm and mice…not exactly the side you imagine having with your Meal Deal!

McDonald’s Liverpool: Mice

A McDonald’s branch in Liverpool had to close its doors after dead mice were found on the property.

The mice were found by staff and pest control was called in immediately. Apologies were made to customers for the temporary closure and statements were issued reassuring people that the matter had been dealt with, investigated further and that there was no future risk to health and safety.

McDonald’s Nantgarw, Wales: Mealworm

Just days after the mice discovery in Liverpoool, reports hit the news of a young boy finding mealworm in his portion of fries at McDonald’s in Nantgarw, Wales.

For a special treat, the Clement family went to McDonald’s for Saturday lunch and parents and three children were enjoying their meals until the gruesome discovery was made. The 12-year old son pulled out a fry to find something dark inside. Originally suspecting it was just a potato eye, the dad looked closer to see it was in fact a mealworm. The family were reimbursed for their meals, but were horrified by the experience.

McDonald’s insisted that food hygiene and safety is of the highest importance to them and said that the fry had been sent away for analysis, but that it was an isolated incident.

McDonald’s Canterbury, Kent: Maggots

The maggot at McDonald’s in Canterbury, Kent was not found in food, as would be expected, but rather fell from the ceiling right before the customers’ eyes! The presence of the maggot was in no way due to contaminated food, but was thought to have come from a decomposing bird that was on the roof outside. The maggot had worked its way into the roof cavity and then through the ceiling.

Doors to the restaurant were closed immediately, and although the restaurant has been given the all clear by an independent pest control company, the manager of the McDonald’s branch is keeping the site closed until a deep clean has been carried out, saying cleanliness and hygiene are of upmost importance.

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Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London commercial pest control services. 

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