Construction is everywhere in London, and unfortunately this leads to an increase in rodent infestations.

Whether you live near a major construction site or your next door neighbour is building an extension, the risk of you finding yourself with a mouse or rat infestation is considerably higher, which is where our London rat control service comes in useful.

Why Does London Construction Lead to Rodent Infestations?

The myth about rats never being more than a few feet away from you is true, especially in London, and this is why construction can lead to increased rodent infestations.

When workers move in and start to turn over the ground and knock down existing buildings, existing rodent populations can be disturbed. Established nesting areas of rats and mice are destroyed and those rodents then need to find other shelter. This shelter can be in neighbouring properties, behind or underneath stocks of building materials, or within porter cabins brought onto large construction sites.

In addition, the presence of construction workers increases the amount of food waste around a site, which provides the rodents with the all important food source they need to thrive.

What are the Risks of Rodents on a London Construction Site?

First and foremost, there is a significant health risk that comes with rodent infestations, whether on a construction site or within a London property. Commonly known for transmitting diseases such as Weil’s and salmonella, workers and residents are at high risk of contamination.

Other risks include structural damage. Rats can be more of a threat than mice in this respect, as they can impair the fabric of a building. Constant gnawing can lead to damaged pipework and cabling, creating flood and fire hazards. Further damage to pipework and drains can be caused by the rodents squeezing past and burrowing underneath, affecting and dislodging joints.

Even new builds are being reported to have rodent infestations, due to elements being damaged during the build period and mice and rats then gaining entry to the new properties.

Top Dog Tips: How to Prevent Rodent Infestations on London Construction Sites

Rats and mice are going to be present, wherever construction is happening. The question is how to minimise the risk of ending up with a full blown infestation. Here are some on Top Dog Pest Control’s tips on how to prevent rodent infestations on London construction sites:

Talk to the neighbours: whether you are the site manager of a major construction site, or simply building an extension on the back of your London family home, talk to your neighbours about how you can work together to prevent rodents becoming a problem. This can include:

  • disposing of left over food immediately, rather than leaving it out overnight.
  • fitting inside and outside bins with tight fitting lids.
  • not leaving waste outside a property.
  • keeping the garden well maintained to limit the number of places that rodents can nest.
  • ensure all airbricks are in good repair, as faulty ones will serve as an access point for mice and rats. Similarly, check there are no holes around utility pipes.

Rodent-proof at time of construction: proofing measures should be put in place by construction workers during build. Points to ask your site manager about are:

  • mesh covers for airbricks, which will not only proof against rodents, but also wasps and bees during the summer months.
  • sealant for around utility pipes.
  • protection of voids in the building that could provide access to entire building.
  • hinged plates on drained and sewers.
  • waste removal, from the simple act of putting leftover lunch food in a sealed bin to how waste will be regularly removed from site.

Preventative Pest Control: calling in London pest control to implement preventative rodent control measures before and during the build phase is the surest way to ensuring rats and mice are kept at bay. Top Dog Pest Control attends construction sites on a regular basis to assess the level of risk of rodent infestation, laying preventative treatments, including tamper bait boxes, and highlighting areas of risk.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London rat control services. 

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