It’s summer, your windows are open, you’re trying to enjoy the warm air that is floating into your London home… and then you hear the buzz. Another wasp!! What’s even more infuriating is when your windows are closed and they are still getting in! Now’s the time you need help from our London wasp control team. Here, Top Dog Pest Control looks at the different ways that wasps can get into your home.

Wasps Nest Anywhere

Wasps will nest just about anywhere. As long as they feel protected and there is enough space to create their nest, wasps will nest in roof spaces, garages and sheds, but also cavity walls, voids above ceiling or any other empty space they can find. A wasp nest in the shed is worrying enough, but when they are in the structure of your London home, it is really quite concerning.

Windows open or closed, if wasps are gaining access, this is how they could be getting in.

Wasp Vision 
Wasps actually have very bad vision. So how do they get in through that small open window? Given the fact that wasps prey on small creatures such as caterpillars, they compensate for their lack of vision by using a scanning motion, looking back and forth continuously. However clean your windowpanes are, they will have dust particles on them. So as wasps scan, they will locate the clear space of an open window and fly towards it.

Attracted to Bright Lights 
Like moths, wasps are attracted to bright lights. So if you leave your windows open at dusk on a balmy summer’s evening, you may find that you have visitors late in the day. Although wasps don’t tend to fly at night, they will follow light on their way back to the nest. More worrying, if you have a wasp nest in your attic and spot lighting in the upstairs rooms in your London home, you could find wasps creeping in through your light fittings, attracted to the light and heat.

Lovely Bathroom Smells 
As summer progresses and food sources start to dwindle, wasps are on the look out for sugary snacks. Often, they become a menace at picnics and while your enjoying a spot of alfresco dining in your garden. However, there are also reports of people finding them in their bathrooms. Fooled by the sweet, fruity smells of your shampoos and shower gels, they fly in in search of their next snack, only to be disappointed.

Airbricks are the ideal access wasps need to get into the void beneath your floorboards, where then can peacefully establish a good size nest. However, if you have wooden floors with even the smallest crack or whole in, wasps will be able to access the rooms of your house. The best protection for this is wire mesh covers that can be fitted into the exterior of your airbricks, which prevent wasps and other pests such as rats and mice from entering your London home.

Top Dog Pest Control: London-wide Wasp Control

If you suspect wasps are gaining access to your London home due to a nest in the building structure, Top Dog Pest Control urges you to call them immediately, as there is a risk that you could end up with a swarm inside your home. Your call would be treated as urgent and one of our trained and experienced technicians would be with you the very same day, often within the hour.

Top Dog Pest Control can be with you 24/7 whether you are in Camden, Richmond, Islington or elsewhere in the whole of London.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London wasp nest removal.

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