Harrow Council has not only closed down a kebab shop on Wealdstone High Street due to continued presence of rodents and cockroaches, it has also banned the shop owner from ever becoming the proprietor of another food establishment in the whole of the UK.

Disturbing Pest Control Discoveries

When the Health and Safety department from Harrow Council visited the kebab house, it made a number of disturbing discoveries, including severe pest control issues. Dead cockroaches and rodent droppings were found in both food preparation and storage areas.

This was of no surprise to Harrow Council given that it was not the first time they had attended the premises. During their inspections they had also found raw meat under a counter, mouldy and out-of-date food in the fridges, preparation areas to be covered in grease and grime… the list goes on.

Cllr Graham Henson said that Harrow Council had attempted to work with the shop owner on numerous occasions to ensure the future of his business. He was given advice of what needed to be rectified and deadlines to adhere to. However, due to his continued unwillingness to cooperate, the council were left with no choice but take serious action and issue him with a lifelong ban, preventing him from opening another food establishment, not only in London, but the whole of the UK. On top of this, a fine for £3,500 was issued, along with a bill to pay £3,777 in costs.

Pest Control a Cheaper Option

Although this case was made worse by the fact that the shop owner was extremely uncooperative, it is a good example of why preventative pest control is a cheaper option.

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