Haringey Rat Control

Haringey rat control services are called upon on a daily basis at Top Dog Pest Control, due to the built-up environment of the area and the huge number of eateries and take aways. These provide the perfect setting for rats to live and breed, meaning that you can easily find yourself in need of Haringey rat control.

Top Dog Pest Control provides start-to-finish rat control services, including assessment, treatment and follow-up as standard. Calling our professional team of industry-trained technicians means that you will be getting first-class London pest control services from a company who puts clients at the forefront. Top Dog Pest Control understands how inconvenient and distressing rat infestations can be and will treat your Haringey rat control problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Haringey Rat Catchers and Removal

A rapid response from our Haringey rat catchers and removal team is vital when you report a rat infestation to Top Dog Pest Control, and this is why we operate all over London 24/7. A rat control issue that is left will only increase in size due to the rate that rats breed at.

When you call Top Dog Pest Control, you will be assigned to a dedicated technician who will take immediate details over the phone, and then carry out a detailed internal and external inspection of your Haringey property as soon as they arrive. Once your rat catcher and removal technician has gathered all the necessary information, your personal treatment plan will be explained you, detailing which methods will be used. These could include poisons or traps, or a mixture of both, but whichever is used, our team will call back regularly to verify the effectiveness of the treatment and collect any carcasses. Where children or pets are present, tamper bait boxes will be used to ensure there is no risk.

Rat Control Services in Haringey

Attending daily call outs to residential and commercial rat control problems, our expert technicians use their extensive experience and knowledge to provide reliable and effective Haringey rat control services.

Not only do our rat control services include a thorough inspection of your Haringey property, a bespoke treatment plan and follow-up care, your expert rat control technician will educate you in the behaviour of rats, so that you can understand why your rat infestation appeared and how it can be prevented from returning. However clean your Haringey home or business is, where there is food, water and shelter, there is always a risk of rats. Top Dog Pest Control will give you information on how to limit these three essential elements.

Haringey and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Haringey as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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