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When you are in need of insect and pest control in Haringey, make Top Dog Pest Control your first port of call. With a team of industry-trained expert technicians, we can deal with all manner of pest and insect infestations, from bed bugs to fleas, from wasps to cockroaches, and many more.

Operating in and around Haringey and the rest of London, Top Dog Pest Control is on call year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we pride ourselves on our quick response times.

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Haringey Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Given the decline in bee population in the UK, Top Dog Pest Control find that less Haringey residents are asking for bee nests to be destroyed, understanding the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

However, we do encourage you to call one of our trusted technicians to come round and check that the bee nest does not pose any danger to you and those around you. Generally, if the nest is in a safe place, bees will go about their business quite happily and let you go about yours without causing you any harm.

Haringey Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Top Dog Pest Control often receives calls from Haringey residents who believe they are in need of wasp nest removal. Upon inspection, our technicians regularly find that these are in fact bees. Wasps are of a brighter yellow, have a smooth body and a very thin waist. Bees, on the other hand, are duller in colour, furrier and rounder.

That said, when in doubt it is always safer to check, as a wasp nest in or around your Haringey property needs to be dealt with by professionals as quickly as possible. Wasps become more aggressive and can multiply in their thousands towards the end of the season, so the sooner you call out your local Haringey Top Dog Pest Control technician, the easier and safer it will be to remove the wasp nest.

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Haringey Hornet Control

Top Dog Pest Control will treat a report of a hornet nest in Haringey as a priority. Like wasps, hornets can sting multiple times and will easily swarm if there is any threat to their nest. Hornet stings are more poisonous than wasps stings and can provoke allergic reactions such as anaphylactic shock.

Nests are normally found in trees or shrubs but hornets are also known to build nests in cavities in your property or even underground. Given the fact that the nests are well hidden, it can be easy to disturb them by mistake. If you notice hornets around your Haringey property, Top Dog Pest Control urges you to call them immediately and one of our highly trained technicians will carry out an inspection to locate the nest either on your property or on a neighbouring property, and treat it accordingly.

Haringey Cluster Fly Control

Cluster flies are sometimes also referred to as attic flies as this is where they are often found to be hibernating; something seen on a regular basis by Top Dog Pest Control around Haringey.

The hibernation period is the easiest time to eradicate a cluster fly infestation, as they have not started flying yet. Once they do start flying, you are likely to find you Haringey home invaded by a swarm of cluster flies. If this does occur, you will need the prompt services of Top Dog Pest Control to come and deliver immediate treatment.

Haringey Bed Bug Control and Removal

If you are waking up in your Haringey home with lots of itchy bites, there is a strong possibility that you require bed bug control and removal; make Top Dog Pest Control your go-to company. Bed bugs are small creatures that like to live not only in your bed, but also on other furniture such as sofas and chairs, behind headboards and in between floorboards.

Top Dog Pest Control knows their hiding places and will be able to administer the correct treatment to not only kill the live bed bugs, but also to prevent eggs from hatching. Our technicians will also require your helping in exterminating a bed bug infestation and will ask you to wash as much as possible at high temperatures and carry out regular cleans until the problem has been removed completely.

Haringey Flea Control

Another biting insect that may move into your Haringey property could be the hard to control flea. Whilst they are often brought in on pet animals, they can also enter your house on your clothing. Once a flea infestation takes hold, it is almost impossible to deal with using shop-bought products.

Top Dog Pest Control has vast experience dealing with flea infestations in Haringey and will be able to put a treatment plan in place immediately. It may take several visits from our technicians before you are completely free, but Top Dog Pest Control guarantees to rid you of these biting beasties.

Haringey Silverfish Control

Silverfish thrive in moist environments, so if your Haringey property has any damp or plumbing problems, you may find an infestation takes control.

Silverfish do not bite humans or animals, but they will nibble holes in your clothes, furniture and wall paper, potentially causing a lot of damage. When you call out one of our experienced Haringey technicians at Top Dog Pest Control, they will come and firstly treat the infestation. They will then establish if you have damp or plumbing issues that may have lead to the silverfish infestation. Advice will be given as how best to solve the source of the problem.

Haringey Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are unpleasant to look at, unhygienic to have in your Haringey home, and very hard to get rid of due to the fact their eggs can survive for long periods of time. That said, Top Dog Pest Control spends time tracking the cockroaches in order to find their resting place, and then injects treatment directly into their nests.

Cockroaches are attracted by food scraps and household waste, so keeping your Haringey kitchen clean, as well as storing food in sealed containers where possible, will minimise the risk of another outbreak.

Haringey Spider Control

Top Dog Pest Control is attending more call outs for spider control in Haringey since reports of poisonous spiders entering the UK have become more frequent.

However, the calls are not always from people who suspect they have a dangerous spider in their Haringey house. Spider nests can contain up to 100 spiders, so when they hatch, you can quickly find you have an infestation on your hands. Top Dog Pest Control will be able to clear up a spider infestation quickly ad efficiently, leaving you spider free.

Haringey Ant Control

If an army of ants have marched into your Haringey home, it's time to call Top Dog Pest Control. Although ants are not dangerous, they are a nuisance to have around and very had to eradicate once they have found a source of food.

If a colony of ants feel threatened, it will split up and form multiple nests as a survival technique. This often happens when Haringey clients attempt to treat an infestation themselves, and end up calling in Top Dog Pest Control for their professional services.

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