Haringey Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Top Dog Pest Control provides Haringey with long term, cost-effective bird control and bird proofing solutions. Risk to health, damage to buildings and slip hazards are all potential problems when you have high numbers of birds in or around your premises. This is without considering how unsightly birds can be for potential customers to a business.

As bird numbers increase, they are becoming more confident and causing more problems for Haringey residents and businesses alike.

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Haringey Bird Control

Haringey bird control can come in many forms. However, due to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is prohibited to destroy birds, eggs and nests, even if they are only in the build phase. For this reason highly-trained and specialised London pest control is needed to find a way of moving the birds on without causing them harm.

All technicians at Top Dog Pest Control have a deep understanding of bird behaviour and are industry-trained in how to control birds once they have nested on or in your Haringey building or started using it as a resting place.

Spikes: can be attached to any surface that birds use to perch on and comes in different sizes and heights, making it a very adaptable bird control solution.

Sprung Wire: often used in combination with spikes, sprung wire can be used on very narrow areas. Both options are very low-profile and discreet.

Nets: able to cover large surface areas such as multi-storey elevations and expansive roof spaces, bird control netting is a quick, cost-effective solution. However, care needs to be taken not to prevent birds from accessing nests if they are already established.

Gel: small discs containing gel are a highly effective bird control method that actually makes birds vacate an area. Birds have UV vision but the non-toxic gel changes it to fire-like, which forces them to evacuate.

Plastic Strip Curtains: large vehicle entrances at warehouses and depots are a prime way for birds to fly into a Haringey building. Plastic strip curtains are a simple option that allow vehicles in and out but prevent birds gaining access.

Haringey Bird Proofing

All of the above options can be used as bird proofing techniques in Haringey, along with nest removal when the birds have migrated for the winter.

In addition, false eggs can be laid making returning birds think that the area is already in use by other nesting birds.

Haringey and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Haringey as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

Bird Control Services in Haringey

Bird control and proofing services in Haringey is becoming part of maintenance budgets for more and more businesses as the number of birds in London increases.

Committing to a pest inspection package in order to prevent a problem occurring makes much more financial sense than having to pay for emergency bird control services and costly repairs that pigeons and gulls can cause.

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