Hammersmith and Fulham Rat Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides 24/7 rat control in Hammersmith and Fulham, as well as throughout the rest of London.

Problematic all year round, rat infestations can easily get out of control during the winter months as rats seek shelter from the cold, and move into the warmth of your Hammersmith and Fulham property. Whether this is your home or business, rats pose a risk to health by carrying dangerous diseases such salmonella and toxoplasmosis.

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Hammersmith and Fulham Rat Catchers and Removal

The majority of Hammersmith and Fulham property owners do not realise how easy it is for rats to gain access, resulting in the need for the rat catcher and removal services of Top Dog Pest Control.

Given the built up nature and high number of food establishments in London, our rat removal teams are attending call outs to rat infestations everyday throughout London, and Hammersmith and Fulham is no exception.

With a variety of treatment options available, Top Dog Pest Control will tailor your treatment plan to your exact Hammersmith and Fulham rat control circumstances. As rats have been showing some immunity to Chlorophacinone and Warfarin, our knowledgeable technicians will quickly implement the stronger Difenacoum or Bromadiolone where necessary. Well-placed traps will also be used if the situation calls for it, and all bait and poison will be placed in tamper proof boxes where there are children or pets presents.

Your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technicians will be back at your Hammersmith and Fulham address every few days to remove carcases and reassess the situation, only removing treatments and equipment when they are confident your rat infestation is 100% eradicated.

Rat Control Services in Hammersmith and Fulham

Tailored treatment plans for rat control services in Hammersmith and Fulham come as standard with Top Dog Pest Control, as no two properties present the same pest control needs.

Our industry-trained rat control technicians will first carry out specialised internal and external inspections to ascertain how rats are gaining access to your Hammersmith and Fulham property, where they are nesting and how large the infestation is. In some cases, rats do not actually nest inside, but merely use your home or business as a place to find a midnight snack. The can be established by the trained eyes of your Hammersmith and Fulham rat control team.

In addition to tailored treatment plans and follow-up services coming as standard, Top Dog Pest Control also provides each Hammersmith and Fulham client with information about how to prevent a return of a rat control problem. This will highlight areas in and around the building that need attention and issuing advice on how to store food and dispose of waste correctly to limit food sources for the rats.

Hammersmith and Fulham and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Hammersmith and Fulham as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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