Hackney Rodent Control

Top Dog Pest Control prides itself on the high quality, expert rodent control services that it provides to Hackney and beyond. With a team of industry-trained, experienced technicians, we will be with you in no time at all, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when you contact us to report a rodent control problem.

Rats, mice or squirrels; we have top-of-the range equipment along with first class knowledge of how to deal with them all. Not only this, Top Dog Pest Control will look at how the rodents are accessing your Hackney property and offer you their expert advise on how to avoid future infestations. We can even offer you a pest-proofing programme where we will come multiple times a year to check your property is well protected; just speak to your dedicated technician.

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!

Hackney Rat Control

Built-up areas such as Hackney are renowned for having large populations of rats that can soon get out of control if they get into your residential or business property. Top Dog Pest Control has set procedures for dealing with rat infestations of any size, which they adapt to each individual job.

Our professional and friendly technicians understand the distress of finding you have rats in your home, or the worry of having them at your business address and the threat that they pose to your livelihood. This is why Top Dog Pest Control regards itself as London's 4th emergency service and will respond to your call in the shortest of delays.

Hackney Mice Control

Shop-bought traps and poisons are very unlikely to work if you have an infestation of mice in your Hackney home, or worse, your Hackney restaurant or take-away business; you will need the expert services of Top Dog Pest Control.

Mice can gain access to a property through holes as small as a the width of a pencil, so any slight failure in the seal around a pipe, in an airbrick or even a gap under a door can give mice the small amount of room they need to get into your property. Once in, they will not leave of their own accord and will only multiply in worrying amounts, creating an unsanitary environment for all living there. Top Dog Pest Control can put a stop to this within days.

Hackney Squirrel Control

Top Dog Pest Control often receives calls from Hackney residents reporting that they can hear noises in their roof space. Upon inspection, our trained technicians can easily identify the presence of squirrels from their droppings.

Once confirmed to be squirrels, your dedicated Hackney technicians will recommend setting baited FENN traps. They will be left in place for a few days, after which Top Dog Pest Control will come back to collect the carcasses and dispose of them away from your property.

Squirrels pose a great risk to the structure and electrics of your house due to their need to continuously gnawing on hard surfaces. Left untreated, they could cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your Hackney home, as well as endangering your safety.

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!
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