Hackney Rat Control

When you find a rat control issue at your Hackney home or business, make Top Dog Pest Control your go-to company for same day, 24/7 London pest control.

Regular reports are heard of 'giant rats' and the fact is, rats are getting increasingly bigger. However, this does not stop them being able to reduce their size to squeeze through any small hole in the exterior of your Hackney property, such as damaged airbricks, badly sealed pipes or even under a badly fitted door. All rats need is a source of food, water and shelter, and if they believe your Hackney home or business offers these, they will not give up easily.

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Hackney Rat Catchers and Removal

Residential and commercial rat removal problems are part of the daily routine for our team of Hackney rat catchers as Top Dog Pest Control, as they affect so many properties throughout London, especially during the winter months.

Our specialised Hackney rat removal technicians are experts in their field and will have your rat infestation under control in no time using a multipronged approach. Top Dog Pest Control uses Chlorophacinone and Warfarin rodenticides to begin with, but with immunity amongst London rats rising, stronger treatments including Difenacoum or Bromadiolone will be used where necessary if your Hackney rat infestation shows resistance.

Our Hackney rat catchers take the presence of children, pets and surrounding wildlife very seriously, and will always use tamper bait boxes to keep them safe from any poisons. These will be checked on a regular basis until your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control rat catcher is happy that your Hackney rat infestation is completely gone. Only then will the treatment be removed.

Rat Control Services in Hackney

Top Dog Pest Control takes pride in providing rat control services in Hackney and you will be assigned a dedicated technician during your very first call.

Internal and external inspections of your Hackney property will be the first port of call when your Hackney rat control service engineer attends your call out. Information will be collated about how the rats are accessing your Hackney home or business, where they are nesting and also the extent of the infestation. From this, a tailored treatment plan will be drawn up and each step will be explained to you by your Hackney-based rat control technician.

Rat control services in Hackney are one of the most called upon services provided by Top Dog Pest Control, as people understand the risk to health they present. Carrying unpleasant diseases such as salmonella and toxoplasmosis, rats are a dangerous pest to have in or around your Hackey property.

By using Top Dog Pest Control, you will not only be accessing first-class London pest control services, you will also benefit from a follow-up service that comes as standard, meaning that our technicians will return to your Hackney property as many times as necessary, disposing of carcasses and collecting equipment.

Hackney and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Hackney as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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