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Top Dog Pest Control is at your service when you are in need of emergency insect or pest control in Hackney. Given that pest or insect infestations can be a matter of urgency for many residential customers and corporate clients alike, Top Dog Pest Control regards itself as Hackney's 4th emergency service and makes it their mission to be with you in no time at all.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there will never be a time when you call Top Dog Pest Control and us not be available to come and offer our experience and expertise to eradicate your pest or insect issue.

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Hackney Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Given the decline of the bee population in the UK, the majority of pest control companies in Hackney will encourage you to leave a nest undisturbed rather than look to removal, as long as it does not cause an immediate threat to those around.

Whilst Top Dog Pest Control fully agrees with this, we also realise that there are situations where people are uncomfortable having a bee nest in or around their Hackney property. Our highly trained technicians will always try to relocate the nest, finding a solution that works for both you and the bees.

Hackney Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Top Dog Pest Control urges you to call out one of our experienced Hackney technicians if you need to have a wasp nest removed at your home or business. Wasps are much more aggressive than their lookalikes, bees, and will attack more easily, stinging multiple times. Wasps pose a real risk to those with allergic reactions, and in the worst case scenarios, their stings can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Wasp nest removal is one of the specialist services that Top Dog Pest Control provides in Hackney, and it will see you wasp free within 48 hours.

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Hackney Hornet Control

After bees and wasps, Top Dog Pest Control receives increasing numbers of calls about hornets in Hackney. Hornets are becoming more and more common, and although they are actually less aggressive than wasps, despite their bigger size, their stings are much more poisonous, making them one of the more dangerous pests we deal with at Top Dog Pest Control.

For this reason, we strong discourage anyone from attempting to remove a hornets nest at their Hackney property themselves. It could put you and others at great risk. Our specialist technicians have all the necessary protective clothing and effective treatments to have your hornet problem under control safely and within a very short space of time.

Hackney Cluster Fly Control

Hackney residents usually become aware of a cluster fly control problem in their homes in one of two ways: the first being when they go up into their lofts and find hibernating cluster flies all over a section of their loft walls; the second of which is when they return home to find a swarm of cluster flies all over their house after the files have woken from hibernation and started to fly.

Whatever the scenario, the solution is to call out your local Hackney technician from Top Dog Pest Control. Using fast-acting, effective treatments, Top Dog Pest Control will have your Hackney property fly-free in no time!

Hackney Bed Bug Control and Removal

The mere thought of bed bugs is enough to make any Hackney property owner feel uneasy and start to itch. However, this does become a reality for many, and this is when the expert services of Top Dog Pest Control are needed.

Bed bugs are tenacious creatures that spread extremely easily throughout your house, affecting soft furnishings as well as beds, with adults that are able to survive for a year without food. Top Dog Pest Control will ask you to work them to carry out a pincer movement to get the bed bug problem under control by giving you advice on laundering and cleaning on top of using their industry grade chemicals to eradicate any level of infestation.

Hackney Flea Control

A flea control problem in Hackney can go unnoticed until it has taken hold and only the professional services of Top Dog Pest Control will free your property from these hardy pests.

The advanced treatments and equipment used by Top Dog Pest Control technicians will not only kill the live fleas, but also the eggs, which can otherwise survive up to two years, hatching only on feeling the vibrations of the someone walking or furniture being moved. Multiple visits may be needed but Top Dog Pest Control guarantees their work and will not give up until we are sure to have eradicated the fleas from your Hackney home.

Hackney Silverfish Control

Having a silverfish control problem in a Hackney home may seem relatively minor when compared to other pest or insect infestations, due to the fact that they don't pose any particular risk to human health. However, you should not be fooled by this, because silverfish can in fact cause a great amount of damage to your belongings, eating through clothes, furnishing and books to name a few.

Top Dog Pest Control not only offers treatment, but will also advise you on where the infestation is coming from. Silverfish thrive in damp areas, so our Hackney technicians will use their highly-trained eyes to alerts you to the areas of damp or failures in plumbing systems so you can avoid another Silverfish break out.

Hackney Cockroach Control

Top Dog Pest Control is used to controlling infestations of two types of cockroaches in Hackney: German and Oriental. Whichever species you have in your home, our knowledgeable technicians will tailor their services to treat your cockroach infestation correctly.

Cockroaches are resilient creatures and it is possible that you will need more than one visit from your Top Dog Pest Control Hackney technician to completely eliminate them, but rest assure that we will not give up until they have all gone.

Hackney Spider Control

If insey winsey spider has climbed up your Hackney water spout, taken shelter from the rain in your house and then reproduced hundreds of mini spiders, you are probably now in need of Top Dog Pest Control.

While most spiders in the UK are completely harmless, having dozens on baby spiders running around your Hackney living room or bedroom can be quite distressing. Top Dog Pest Control is always happy to attend, no matter how big or small your spider problem is.

Hackney Ant Control

Knowing which type of ants you have in your Hackney property is key to successfully getting an infestation under control, and this is why you should also seek the professional services of Top Dog Pest Control, rather than using shop-bought treatments, which have a tendency to exacerbate ant problems.

Although ants are not a dangerous pest, they are a great nuisance and extremely persistent. Once they have found a food source, they leave a trial of pheromone so the rest of the colony can share the treasure, meaning you'll soon have a army of ants marching into your Hackney kitchen!

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