Greenwich Rodent Control

Top Dog Pest Control is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Greenwich to tackle all of your rodent infestation problems. Specially trained and fully equipped, our expert technicians are dedicated to rodent extermination and we're confident that you'll be delighted with the results of our treatments! Further more, we treat each call out as an emergency, getting to you as soon as possible, often within the hour.

When you contact our friendly and discreet team we will meet with you to gain an understanding of the nature and extent of your rodent infestation problem. We then deploy a combination of extermination techniques to effectively destroy the rodents. Finally, we provide follow-up to ensure the treatment has been 100% effective and to offer advice about how to avoid further infestations in the future.

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!

Greenwich Rat Control

Rat control problems and rat infestations are common in Greenwich and elsewhere in London. Rats can be very dangerous to human health as they carry diseases and parasites, which are spread through their hair, urine, and droppings. Often the first sign of a rat infestation is scratching noises in the night.

If you have this problem, Top Dog Pest Control will investigate and discover the source of the problem. We then use a combination of techniques including rodenticides, traps, and fumigation to eliminate the rats.

Greenwich Mice Control

Mice nests can be very difficult to reach as they are often below floorboards or between the walls of Greenwich homes, making effective mouse control difficult. However, controlling mice infestations is very important as they can spread diseases such as Meningitis or Salmonella to humans, which can be very dangerous.

When you spot the first signs of a mice infestation in your Greenwich home or business, put in a call Top Dog Pest Control as mice breed rapidly and can soon get completely out of control.

Our highly-skilled technicians have the experience and equipment to reach mice nests wherever they may be in your Greenwich property and will resolve you infestation problem quickly and discreetly.

Greenwich Squirrel Control

When people in Greenwich hear scratching and scrabbling noises coming from the roof they normally assume they have a rat or mice infestation, but it could in fact be squirrels making all the noise! Top Dog Pest Control technicians are skilled at working out what kind of rodent you have hiding in your Greenwich property by examining their droppings and other signs.

Once the nature of the infestation has been correctly identified, our friendly technicians will use FENN traps to eliminate the squirrels and then dispose of them away from your property in line with animal welfare and local authority guidelines.

Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!
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