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Top Dog Pest Control fully understands the distress of finding a rat infestation in your Greenwich property. Whether it is your home or business, the knowledge of how unhygienic rats are means you will be reaching for the phone to call in London rat control. Make Top Dog Pest Control your first call.

In the majority of cases seen by Top Dog Pest Control, rats are gaining entry to Greenwich properties through failures in the exterior of the building. A corroded airbrick, a large crack in brickwork, a hole next to a waste pipe is all a rat needs to access your Greenwich residence or business and set up home. Once they have found a source of food and water, they will not leave easily, meaning professional rat control will be essential. Given that rats are becoming immune to many rodenticides, supermarket products simply are not strong enough to control a rat infestation yourself. Industry-grade poisons, along with the in-depth knowledge of our expert rat control technicians is the only way to make your Greenwich property rat free.

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Greenwich Rat Catchers and Removal

Calling in the rat catchers is a bit of a taboo, as nobody wants it to be common knowledge that you are in need of rat removal in your Greenwich property. Top Dog Pest Control operates a very discreet service, providing rat control services 24/7, ensuring we can attend your call-out at a time that is best for you.

In addition, our rat removal team at Top Dog Pest Control has a wealth of experience to tailor your rat control services to the exact needs or your Greenwich property. Any rat infestation, big or small, will be eradicated in the shortest time delay possible.

Varying treatment options include traps, tamper bait boxes and various levels of rodenticides, depending on how your Greenwich rat infestation reacts. If the rats show any sign of immunity, our highly trained technicians will turn to a more potent option, such as Difenacoum or Bromadiolone.

Tamper bait boxes are a highly effective way of catching rats, and what's more, they ensure that poison is kept safely away in the presence of children or pets.

Top Dog Pest Control provides a guaranteed, start-to-finish rat removal service, which includes follow-up as standard. Our dedicated technicians will not stop until your Greenwich property is no longer home to a rat infestation.

Rat Control Services in Greenwich

Rat control services at your Greenwich property start from the very moment Top Dog Pest Control walks onto your premises. With industry-trained eyes, our technicians can spot entry points that rats will be using from afar, so even before they knock on your door, they will have an idea of what is happening.

A further internal and external inspection will be carried out to enable your dedicated technician to tailor a bespoke rat control service plan to your individual Greenwich case.

After explaining the treatment plan to you in detail, Top Dog Pest COntrol will lay treatment in and around your property as appropriate, block up minor failures in the building work and advise you of further more major works that may need attention. Finally, they will give you handy hints of how to store food and dispose of waste correctly to ensure rats are less attracted to your premises.

Our follow-up service means that Top Dog Pest Control will call back as many times as is necessary to eradicate your Greenwich rat infestation and complete their rat control service plan.

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Top Dog Pest Control covers Greenwich as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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