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Insect or pest control problems in the Greenwich area? Top Dog Pest Control has the solution to all of your pest control issues including wasps, cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, spiders and many more!

Using a combination of skill, experience and cutting edge technology, we're confident you'll be 100% satisfied with our extermination treatments for your insect infestation problems. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, our Greenwich technicians are professional and efficient, delivering complete resolution of your insect control problems at a reasonable price and as a matter of urgency.

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Greenwich Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

In Greenwich, as in other areas of London, bee nests can pose real problems to property owners, particularly when they become attached to places within your home or business such as in the attic and require intervention and control. Unlike wasps or hornets, bees tend to be quite peaceful animals when encountered on their own. However, near their hives they can become defensive and sting, which can cause severe allergic reactions as well as being very painful.

Bee nests require specialist skill to remove, not only because of the risk of stings but also because beehives have unique environmental importance. Top Dog Pest Control will never destroy a bee nest unless absolutely necessary. Instead our skilled Greenwich-based technicians remove the nest intact and move it to a safe location, relocating the bees. This process is less intrusive overall and much more environmentally-friendly.

Greenwich Wasp Control and Wasps' Nest Removal

Wasp nests are common in the Greenwich area, particularly in the summer months when wasp control problems increase. Spotting the early signs of a wasp infestation or the establishment of a nest on your property is important so that the threat can be dealt with as promptly as possible. Often you will notice an increase in the number of wasps around the property with numbers growing. It is at this stage that it is best to call in the professionals at Top Dog Pest Control before your Greenwich wasp control problem gets completely out of hand.

When you call Top Dog Pest Control, our expert technicians will come to your property, perform an assessment, then safely and effectively destroy the wasps and their nests using a specialised chemical called Bendiocarb, leaving you wasp free within 48 hours.

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Greenwich Hornet Control

In Greenwich, hornet nests and hornet control problems are becoming more significant every year as their numbers grow as the weather heats up. Hornet infestations are one of the most dangerous type of insect control we deal with at Top Dog Pest Control due to how poisonous hornet stings are. We strongly urge people of Greenwich not to attempt to remove a hornet nest without professional assistance due to the likelihood of the hornets swarming and stinging, which can cause extreme allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.

Using the same treatment used to destroy wasp nests, a chemical called Bendiocarb, our Greenwich technicians have the skill and technology to effectively exterminate the hornets and their nest once and for all, removing the threat to you and those around you.

Greenwich Cluster Fly Control

Cluster fly infestations in your Greenwich property can be very distressing, particularly when the flies swarm throughout your home or business and become harder to control.

Typically, cluster flies move into a property as the weather cools down and then hibernate over the winter; come summer they then burst out and swarm, contaminating food as they go. To avoid this happening it is best to try and catch a cluster fly infestation as early as you can, preferably during their hibernation phase in the winter. However, our Top Dog Pest Control technicians in Greenwich can help you eradicate your cluster fly problem at whatever stage it is at, as well as offering advice about how to avoid further infestations in the future.

Greenwich Bed Bug Control and Removal

The name 'bed bugs' is a bit misleading as it suggests that bed bugs live only in beds, but this is not the case – bed bug infestation and control problems can affect multiple locations within your Greenwich property.

Many bed bug eradication products that people buy in shops have only limited success because they only target the bed bugs themselves, not their eggs that lie hidden in furniture, soft furnishings, carpets, and between floorboards. Leaving the eggs intact means that the problem is only temporarily solved before the eggs then hatch and the bed bug problem starts again. Top Dog Pest Control's Greenwich technicians use Diatomaceous earth, insect growth inhibitors, and traditional insecticides to target both the eggs and the bed bugs, completely resolving your bed bug infestation.

Greenwich Flea Control

Flea control problems and flea infestations are a common issue in Greenwich and beyond. As well as being itchy and unpleasant, it is not well known that flea bites can spread disease or become infected and people underestimate the risk posed by flea infestations. It is best to get your flea infestation dealt with as early as possible as fleas tend to rapidly multiply, which means the situation can rapidly get out of control and will become even more difficult to solve.

Using a multi-pronged attack similar to that which our Greenwich technicians use to destroy bed bug infestations, Top Dog Pest Control can effectively eliminate a flea problem of ay size.

Greenwich Silverfish Control

Silverfish infestation and control problems should not be underestimated as they can cause very expensive damage to your property in the Greenwich area as the silverfish chew through wallpaper, books, clothes, and other items.

Top Dog Pest Control's Greenwich technicians first perform an initial survey to determine the nature of your silverfish infestation problem, followed by a targeted treatment to eradicate the silverfish completely. We then help identify the underlying factors behind the infestation and offer advice as to how to revolve this and prevent further infestations.

Greenwich Cockroach Control

Unfortunately, cockroach control problems and cockroach infestations are not that unusual in Greenwich. Cockroaches are able to crawl through gaps the size of a penny and can easily enter your home or business and nest. Once they have infested your property they can spread disease and contaminate food.

Many people attempt to deal with their cockroach infestation themselves by using off-the-shelf products to try and eliminate the cockroaches. Unfortunately, these products are often designed to only target those cockroaches seen out in the open, not the hidden nest which is where the true problem lies. Top Dog Pest Control's Greenwich technicians are skilled at locating the cockroaches' nests and directly destroying it, solving all your cockroach infestation problems.

Greenwich Spider Control

Spider infestations are a deeply unpleasant thing to experience in your Greenwich property and with stories about poisonous spiders coming to the UK, anxiety about spider control is becoming increasingly commonplace. When you contact Top Dog Pest Control our technicians will assess the situation and determine whether or not your spiders are poisonous.

Whatever the outcome, we will then use specialised treatments to clear your Greenwich property of the spider infestation, effectively solving all of your spider control problems.

Greenwich Ant Control

Ant infestations and ant control problems can be difficult to overcome once they take hold in your Greenwich property. Ant infestations typically start with a few "scout" ants that enter the property looking for a source of food and shelter. If they find this, typically in a kitchen area, then many more ants will quickly follow and soon there will be a full-scale infestation.

Often the ant colonies will be hidden between walls or under the floor, which can make getting to them difficult. Top Dog Pest Control's skilled Greenwich technicians have the expertise to locate the ants' nest wherever it may be and can then totally destroy it, leaving your property ant-free!

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