Greenwich Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Greenwich bird control and bird proofing is becoming an essential part of property maintenance, particularly for businesses.

Health risks, damage to buildings and slip hazards are just a few of the problems pigeons and other birds can cause when they congregate in large groups in or around your Greenwich building.

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Greenwich Bird Control

Greenwich bird control becomes necessary when you find that your building has become a nesting or resting spot for birds such as gulls and pigeons. This is often due to members of the public providing a well-needed food source by either dropping waste food or intentionally feeding birds.

While the birds themselves can be unsightly, it is their droppings that cause risk to public health and safety. As well as creating a slip hazard on pavements and walkways, they have acidic properties that will cause corrosive damage to your Greenwich building. In addition to this, both pigeons and gulls carry diseases such as salmonella, psittacosis and e-coli and if parasites enter air conditioning systems, the health of employees and residents could be compromised.

By employing experts like Top Dog Pest Control to provide knowledgeable bird control in Greenwich, you will be protecting those around you.

Greenwich Bird Proofing

Top Dog Pest Control has a team of bird proofing technicians operating through Greenwich and the rest of London alike. Having a thorough understanding of bird behaviour and the regulations set by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, our bird proofing experts will devise a tailored treatment plan suited to your building and bird infestation.

Options will include:

Nets: a cost effective option as it has the ability to cover large areas such as entire roof spaces or elevations.

Spikes: coming in many different sizes and heights, spikes can be attached to almost any surface.

Sprung Wire: a very low-profile and discreet option, sprung wire can be used on very narrow areas and is often used in combination with spikes.

Plastic Strip Curtains: widely used on warehouses with large entries to allow lorries to pick up merchandise. Transparent plastic strip curtains allow vehicles in and out but prevent birds gaining access.

Gel: small discs of non-toxic gel can be placed in problem areas, often where other methods cannot be used. The gel changes the UV vision of birds to fire-like, making them evacuate the areas immediately.

Any of these bird control options can be implemented by our industry trained Greenwich bird proofing team. Working 24/7, Top Dog Pest Control can attend to your bird control problems whenever it is most convenient for you.

Greenwich and Other London Areas Covered

Top Dog Pest Control covers Greenwich as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

Bird Control Services in Greenwich

Bird control services are carried out by our expert Greenwich bird proofing team, who have extensive experience as well as an in-depth knowledge of bird behaviour. All work at Top Dog Pest Control is fully guaranteed and follow-up service comes as standard.

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