London Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Top Dog Pest Control is always ready and very willing to answers any questions you may have about pest control in London and beyond.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, but if you would like to know anything else at all, please don't hesitate in picking up the phone and speaking to one of our knowledgeable and friendly pest control technicians.

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Does Top Dog Pest Control have experience in all controlling and eradicating all types of pest?

Yes. The main pests that we deal with are detailed on the website, from mice and rats, to wasps, cockroaches, foxes and many more. However, if you find you have a different pest control issue, then please do give Top Dog Pest Control a call and our highly-trained and experienced technicians will be able to help.

How much experience does Top Dog Pest Control have?

All of our technicians at Top Dog Pest Control are fully qualified have many years' worth of experience to draw from.

What do I do if I don't know which pest I have in my house?

Pick up the phone and talk to one of our friendly team at Top Dog Pest Control. Many people get in touch to say they can hear scratching noises or that they have itchy bites all over their legs, but that they aren't sure exactly what they are dealing with.

This is not a problem at all, as all of our technicians at Top Dog Pest Control are highly-trained and experienced in diagnosing the pest problem before implementing the most appropriate treatment. So, whether it's mice, rats or squirrels, bed bugs or fleas, your dedicated pest control technician will be to identify and eradicate them quickly and efficiently.

How quickly can you get to me?

When you make a call to Top Dog Pest Control you will be able to speak to one of our experienced technicians directly. This way, you'll be given immediate advice from the outset, and we will endeavour to be out to you on the very same day of you call, often even within the hour.

How much do pest control treatments cost?

The cost of pest control treatments all depends on the type of pest we are dealing with, and also the severity of the level of infestation. However, rest assured that Top Dog Pest Control provides excellent service at some of the most reasonable prices on the market. What's more, a complete follow-up service is included in all of your treatment plans as standards, giving you confidence that we will ensure you are pest-free.

How long do pest control treatments take?

Again, this varies dependant on the type of pest control needed and the level of infestation. However, Top Dog Pest Control prides itself on providing efficient service that will see you pest-free in the shortest time delay possible.

Are the treatments used by Top Dog Pest Control safe for my children and pets?

Absolutely. In the case of mice or rats, Top Dog Pest Control will use tamper bait boxes that are locked with a key and therefore the poison inside is totally protected. With other pest control treatments, there may be a period of time that you will need to stay away from the treated areas, but your dedicated technician will always inform you of this.

What if I still have a problem after the treatment?

Top Dog Pest Control technicians will give you their direct phone number so that you can contact them at any point after the treatment should you have any concerns that the problem is still there. We provide a full follow-up service, so will always make sure your pest infestation has been totally eradicated.

Will Top Dog Pest Control give me advice on how to avoid pest control problems in the future?

Yes. As part of our standard service, our knowledgeable technicians at Top Dog Pest Control will give you advice of steps you can take to protect your home from further pest infestations.

Why do wasps keep appearing in my house?

If wasps are appearing in your London house on a regular basis, there are a few possible reasons why. Perhaps you have a plant near a window that is attracting wasps, or there is possibly a nest in the vicinity and the wasps are finding their way in through an open window. More worryingly there is also the possibility that wasps have chewed through your plasterboard and are gaining entrance to your house from the inside. Whatever the reason, it is best to call for the assistance of Top Dog Pest Control who will be able to determine the cause and treat it accordingly.

How can I tell the difference between wasps and bees?

Telling the difference between wasps and bees is something many people find difficult and Top Dog Pest Control often attends call outs to find that the problem is in fact with bees. The main differences between wasps and bees are that wasps have a two-part body with a very thin waist and bees are generally furrier than wasps. Wasps also have a much more direct way of flying, and can often be more of a nuisance than bees, especially from August to September.

I'm not scared of wasps and the nest is only a small one. Do I still need to get it removed?

Yes. Top Dog Pest Control would like you to consider a few points. If it is springtime, a wasp nest will only get bigger as the season goes on. It is easier and safer to treat it now while the numbers are small, as a nest in mid-summer can hold between 3000-5000 wasps, or even more. Another factor to consider is your surrounding area. Your neighbours may not be too grateful if you leave a wasp nest untreated, especially if they have children. Top Dog Pest Control would always advise wasp nest removal, as leaving a nest does pose a potential risk to yourself and those around you.

Can I just block up the entrance to the wasp's nest?

Top Dog Pest Control warns people NEVER to block up the entrance to a wasp nest. If trapped, wasps will become very angry and try to find another way out. The favoured route is often chewing through plasterboard, meaning the wasps will gain access to the interior your home. This causes huge risk to you and your family and also creates a problem that is much more complicated to treat.

Is treatment safe around children?

Yes. All insecticides used by our technicians at Top Dog Pest Control during wasp nest removal are completely safe around children, and also pets.

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