Imagine the scene: you are out for the night with your colleagues, 24 of you sat around a big table enjoying some fine dining, when a rat falls on your head!

This is exactly what happened to a woman in the famous London restaurant of Smiths at Smithfield in central London.

Today’s Special: London Rat

Local produce is the thing to be seen eating theses days, but when today’s special turns out to be home-grown London rat, the attraction isn’t really there anymore.

The lady was enjoying her meal when she felt something fall onto her head from the ceiling. It bounced from her head onto her cutlery, at which point it became clear to all that it was a three-inch baby rat, which died on impact.

Paul Stubbs, a 56 year-old city worker from Harrow spoke of the shock and disgust that went through the restaurant as the story of the unwanted dinner guest spread, reporting that everyone was understandable horrified.

The well-known and popular London restaurant offered comment to reassure people that Smiths at Smithfield takes health and hygiene very seriously. The rodent is believed to have fallen from an overhead air vent, but London pest control had been called and the situation had been fully dealt with. The restaurant insists that this was an isolated incident. The city workers in question were given £450 off their bill.

London Restaurant Pest Control

Pest control in London restaurants is an essential part of health and safety. Although there are no legal regulations, there are many advantages to making London pest control part of your annual health and safety plan and budget. Not only will it show due diligence to the authorities in the event of any problems, it will ensure that you do not lose your all important client base, if stories such as this one get out.

Top Dog Pest Control offers Pest Inspection Packages to commercial clients, providing fortnightly, monthly or quarterly pest inspections and control, depending on the exact needs of the London business. Thorough internal and external inspections are carried out at each visit, with minor proofing works and preventative pest control being put in place. In the very unlikely event of a pest problem breaking out, Top Dog Pest Control will be able to eradicate it before it takes hold.

Spending a small amount each month is much more preferable to trying to recover from it becoming common knowledge that rodents or insects have infested your London restaurant.

Top Dog Pest Control provides free surveys and quotes, and will come down to your London location at a time that is convenient to you. We understand that London pest control needs to be kept discreet, so we can work appointments around you and your clients.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London rat control services. 

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