In another story of a food establishment being closed down after ignoring warnings from local authorities, an Enfield take away was closed down due to a cockroach infestation – they should have called our London Cockroach Control team!

Enfield Council Closes Down London Chicken Shop

After numerous warnings that date back to 2012, Enfield Council took the decision to close down a chicken shop. Labelling its hygiene failings as horrific, inspectors did not only find a cockroach infestation in the kitchen, but also a significant presence of flies, as well as cheese that was being kept at worryingly high temperatures.

The cockroach infestation had reached such a level, that even during the inspection, a live cockroach was seen running across a food preparation station. Enfield council took the decision to close the take away with immediate effect, stating there was an imminent threat to public health.

Heavy Fines for Cockroach Infested Enfield Take-Away

The lack of preventative pest control that lead to the cockroach infestation saw the Enfield take-away being issued with heavy fines. At Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court, the business and owner were fined a total of £5,239.11.

Councillor Daniel Anderson of Enfield Council expressed his concern at the lack of action taken by the staff at the chicken shop, saying they had ignored live cockroaches crawling across worktops in the take-away kitchen. He spoke of the council’s duty to protect the public from hygiene situations that can be harmful to health. He fully supported the decision to close the establishment and warned the same action would be taken with any other food businesses that chose not to respect hygiene standards.

The take-away reopened its doors to the Enfield public three days after it was ordered to close, first being re-inspected by the relevant authorities.

The Risks of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are disliked by nearly everyone. They are unpleasant to look at and incredibly hard to eradicate. Not only this, they transmit diseases such as dysentery, salmonella and typhoid fever. In addition, their presence can cause allergic reactions similar to asthma. When food is prepared on a counter where a cockroach has been, the risk of contamination is significant.

Hard to Eradicate

Cockroaches are almost impossible to eradicate without expert knowledge. This is due to a few factors but mainly the fact that their nesting areas are extremely hard to locate and access, often located behind furniture and appliances, inside walls and under the floor. Treating visible cockroaches only will not resolve an infestation. Top Dog Pest Control has a team of experts who are trained to first find the nest and then administer industry-grade treatment directly into it. Only this way are both the adults and the eggs destroyed.

However, the best way to avoid a cockroach infestation appearing in the first place is to sign up to one of Top Dog Pest Control’s pest inspection packages, which will see your London business inspected and protected all year round. For more information see our Commercial Pest Inspection Packages.

This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog Pest Control provides Commercial pest control for London Take-aways

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