Decluttering your London home is an essential part of pest control and paramount to pest proofing your property.

Although a tidy home is still at risk of a pest infestation, clutter provides pests with perfect hiding places to use as shelter, be they mice, rats, bed bugs, fleas or cockroaches.

Minimise Clutter to Protect Against Pests

Minimising on clutter can help protect your London property against pest control issues for two reasons.

The first is that it reduces the risk of an infestation breaking out in the first place. A room that is full of boxes, papers and any other general clutter will provide the exact environment needed for a range of pests. Fleas, bed bugs and cockroaches love nothing more than cracks and crevices to hide in. Mice and rats will not only appreciate the shelter, but they will also shred your belongings to use as nesting material.

The second problem with lots of clutter is that it makes actual pest control treatments more complicated. The clearer a room is, the more effective a treatment will be and the faster an infestation will be eradicated. Pest control technicians struggle to get bait in the correct places and spray thoroughly when they are faced with lots of obstacles in a room.

Decluttering – The Silver Lining of Pest Control

A pest control issue in your London home can be very distressing, but there is always a silver lining. We’ve all got rooms that need a good declutter – that corner of the lounge that you’ve been meaning to sort out for months, all those things you don’t need under the bed. So when pests hit, the upside is that by the end of the pest control treatment, you will be living in one of the tidiest houses in London!

We understand that this can seem daunting, but all of our trained technicians at Top Dog Pest Control will be able to guide you in how to prepare for treatment, and also how to prevent the pests from coming back. We will work with you to ensure the process is as smooth as possible, causing you as little disruption as possible. At Top Dog Pest Control we pride ourselves on our friendly and reassuring approach.

Ways to Declutter you London Home:

  • Work through room by room, starting with one area at a time.
  • Clear as much floor space as possible.
  • Avoid having piles of belongings accumulating in corners, under beds and behind furniture.
  • Make sure bins are emptied regularly to avoid them overflowing or waste lying around.

Top Dog Provides London Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides rapid response pest control throughout the whole of London. Treating a range of pests from rodents to wasps and hornets, from bed bugs to fleas and cockroaches. Bird and fox control are also part of our services.

With technicians in every area of London, we can have someone with you the very same day, often within the hour. So whether you are in Islington, Kensington, Tower Hamlets of Croydon, Top Dog Pest Control will be able to assist you and get you back on the road to being pest free.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control, who provides rat control in London. 

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