Forget the images of sweet little squirrels nibbling on acorns and storing them away for winter. As one corner shop owner has found out, squirrels will eat anything, including stolen chocolate bars!

Squirrels: Chocolate Thieves!

Squirrels thieves have been terrorising a local corner shop by running in and stealing chocolate bars right from under the noses of the staff. Taking advantage of the bottom shelves beneath the counter, the squirrels are sneaking in through the door and making off with Crunchies, Kinder Buenos and anything else that takes their fancy! Funnily enough, the peanuts remain untouched…

Despite giving chase, the shop owners have been unable to catch the squirrels, and merely have to watch powerless as the bushy tailed robbers disappear up trees with their merchandise.

Although the story has an appealing element to it, with the cute little squirrel thieves running off with chocolate treats, the latest count revealed that the shop had lost dozens of chocolate bars so far, amounting to a considerable amount of profit.

Internet Appeal for Help to Stop Squirrel Thieves

In a desperate attempt to protect profits, the shop owners put out appeals for help on the internet to stop the squirrel thieves.

Posting CCTV footage on YouTube and Facebook, incidents that started in autumn last year were detailed: ‘October 8th, 2016. Stolen: Kinder Bueno ($2.00)’. These videos, together with appeals for advice on Reddit, soon caught public attention.

Sensible suggestions were to install a screen door or Plexiglas across the front of the shelves the squirrels are stealing from. Once poster also put the idea of having bird of prey to scare them off.

Other members of the public said the shop owners should weather the storm and post more videos of the thieves on social media as a form of publicity for the shop!

Advice from Top Dog Pest Control on Squirrel Control

Top Dog Pest Control is called out on a regular basis to for squirrel control across London, admittedly not always for situations quite like this!

Our communications manager, Dean Mannion, recommends that the shop owners’ best option would be to install either a screen or plastic strip curtains, to deter the squirrels from entering the shop, or use Plexiglass covers, as suggested by one member of the public.

With extensive experience in London squirrel control , Dean warns the shop owners that fast action is needed. Squirrels are tenacious creatures and once a food source has been found, they do not give up easily. It would be disastrous for the shop owners if the squirrels somehow gained entry to the premises and established a nest. Not only would they cause a lot more damage to stock, but they also carry a variety of diseases, which would be cause for alarm for health and safety.

Agreed, squirrels are furry and funny for the public to watch on YouTube, but for the owners these squirrels are a great cause of concern. Top Dog Pest Control is always on hand to give advice and services on any London pest control related problems, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London pest control services. 

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