London Commercial Warehouse Pest Control

London warehouses situated on industrial estates are often in need of the commercial pest control services of Top Dog Pest Control.

Warehouses are used for such a range of reasons, there is often something that attracts some form of pest, threatening business takings and reputations.

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London Warehouse Rat Control

Rat control is one of the most needed forms of commercial pest control in London warehouses. Often used for food storage, rats find a perfect environment that offers them sustenance and shelter. Due to the high risk of diseases carried by rats, any contaminated warehouse stock would have to be destroyed if accessed by rats, leading to delays in delivery and potentially huge financial consequences.

On top of emergency call outs for London rat control, Top Dog Pest Control offers Pest Inspection Packages that provide levels of year round protection. More details and information are given below.

London Warehouse Mice Control

Similar in behaviour to rats, mice pose the same financial and health risks to anyone using London warehouses. If not dealt with and controlled at the first sign of infestation, the problem will grow rapidly given that mice breed at an alarming rate.

Incontinent and spreading urine everyone they go, the potential for contamination and damage to stock is extremely large. Top Dog Pest Control can stop mice in their tracks and offer long-term solutions.

London Warehouse Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Another commercial pest control problem that is often found in London warehouses is pigeons. This presents itself in two ways: either a very low number of pigeons have flown into the warehouse itself, or larger number is using the warehouse roof as their resting place. Either way, pigeons need to be controlled as they leave droppings in high quantities, which poses a risk to human health.

In addition to dealing with the issue of having pigeons inside a warehouse, Top Dog Pest Control can install pigeon proofing equipment, such as spikes, around the edge of the roof of your London warehouse, deterring the pigeons from coming to rest there.

London Warehouse Pest Inspection Packages

Pest Inspection Packages offered by Top Dog Pest Control are a perfect commercial pest control solution for London warehouses. Providing yearlong protection and regular visits from our experienced technicians, pest problems will be controlled professionally, giving you confidence that stock is safe. Three different levels are offered, which are tailored to your specific needs.




Top Dog Pest Control carries out FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEYS, so that you can decide with your dedicated technician if this is the right solution for you and your London business.

Certification of Inspection is issued at the very first visit once you have signed up to a Top Dog Pest Control Pest Inspection Package. This can be displayed on-site as proof of active commercial pest control services.

London Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control is working its way into annual budgets for increasing numbers of London businesses, who prefer to pay reasonable rates for year round service, rather than the higher emergency call out rates when damage has already been done.

As well as offering commercial pest control services to warehouses, Top Dog Pest Control also covers many other types of London property and industries: medical, hotel, restaurants, fast food, offices... and many more.


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