London Commercial Restaurant Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides commercial pest control to restaurants and eateries throughout the whole of Greater London. Operating 24/7, 365 days a week, we are sure to be able to find a date and time that is convenient for both you and your business.

Understanding that discretion is needed at all times when it comes to pest control in the food industry, Top Dog Pest Control bears this in mind and takes measures to remain unseen wherever possible.

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London Restaurant Rat and Mice Control

However clean a London restaurant is kept, there is still always the risk that mice and rats will gain access due to the fact that there is a constantly food present, a supply of water and shelter; the three essentials that rats and mice need.

Rodents like these can be extremely damaging to a restaurant business, given the multiple diseases they carry. Nothing will see your customers walk away faster than news of a rodent infestation at your London restaurant.

London Restaurant Cockroach Control

If you find you have a cockroach problem at your London restaurant, then calling in Top Dog Pest Control is imperative. Cockroaches are a tenacious creature that can live for a long time without water or food. They are also extremely unsanitary and carry diseases such as dysentery, salmonella and typhoid fever.

Shop bought cockroach treatments are rarely strong enough and do not target the eggs. Our trained technicians at Top Dog Pest Control have the experience and expertise to track cockroaches back to their nest and administer treatment directly into it, destroying both the cockroaches and the eggs.

London Restaurant Ant Control

Like most pests, once ants have established a food source in your London restaurant, they will not leave of their own accord, and you will need to bring in the professionals at Top Dog Pest Control to provide a long-term solution.

Although ants don't cause any serious harm to humans, once a food source has been found, they leave a pheromone trail to it and come back with the rest of their army. Seeing a trail of ants marching through your restaurant is going to put many customers off returning to your London restaurant.

Top Dog Pest Control can treat ant infestations quickly and effectively, using the latest fast-acting treatments available on the market.

London Restaurant Pest Inspection Packages

Ensure maximum protection for your London restaurant business by signing up to a Top Dog Pest Control pest inspection package:




FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY carried out prior to committing to any pest inspection package.

Top Dog Pest Control issues Certification of Inspection for all its London commercial pest control services at the very first visit. Displaying this in your restaurant shows due diligence and gives your London customers every confidence that pest control forms an important part of your health and safety planning.

London Commercial Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides first-class commercial pest control to a wide variety of industries in and around London, including: hotels, restaurants, fast food establishments, office buildings, warehouses public buildings, railways stations, medical establishments, supermarkets, and more.

From one-off emergency calls to year round scheduled visits, Top Dog Pest Control can cater for all of your commercial pest control needs.


Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!
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