London Commercial Hospital & Medical Clinic Pest Control

Commercial pest control in London medical settings is an imperative part of commitment to keep patients safe.

Whether you are a GPs surgery, a dentist surgery, a private clinic or any other medical establishment, Top Dog Pest Control can provide both emergency and routine commercial pest control with the highest professionalism and discretion.

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London Hospital & Medical Clinic Rat and Mice Control

Keeping mice and rats under control and away from medical establishments is paramount due to the risk they pose to patients, carrying a number of serious diseases.

Routine commercial pest control is the most successful way of tackling rodent problems in medical settings, which tackles problems almost before they occur. Regular visits from out London commercial services team means that any problem with mice and rats will be dealt with from the outset before reaching infestation level. The section below of Pest Inspection Packages provides more information.

London Hospital & Medical Clinic Cockroach Control

Problems with cockroaches are one of the most frequent issues in London medical establishments. Given the fact that they like moist environments, they are attracted to medical equipment that is routinely washed. Carriers of diseases such as typhoid fever, salmonella dysentery, cockroaches threaten the well-being of patients and the reputation of your medical practice.

Although resilient and hardy, your local London Top Dog Pest Control technician will be able to eradicate cockroaches in no time at all; usually one visit to your medial setting will suffice.

London Hospital & Medical Clinic Wasp Control

During wasp season, any London building can be used by wasps to establish a nest in. However, when this happens in medical settings, the need for wasp control becomes extremely urgent. Top Dog Pest Control will be with you the very same day and will prioritise you call out due to the high risk setting.

Wasps stings can be harmful to anybody if the sting produces an allergic reaction. However, this reaction is much more of a risk to vulnerable people such as the sick, the elderly and small children.

A fast-acting wasp control treatment provided by Top Dog Pest Control is the solution that your London-based medical practice will need.

London Hospital & Medical Clinic Pest Inspection Packages

More London medical establishments are finding that signing up to one of Top Dog Pest Control's Pest Inspection Packages is a more cost effective way dealing with commercial pest control.

Avoiding emergency call out charges in the majority of cases, the packages provide year round surveillance, catching any sign of pest infestation as soon as it appears, therefore avoiding infestation. Should unlikely emergencies occur, our silver and gold packages include free emergency call outs.




If you are interested in a Pest Inspection Package for your London medical business, a dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician will carry out a FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY, at a time that is convenient to you.

Once you have signed up to a package, you will receive a Certification of Inspection to show that you have committed to London commercial pest control services with Top Dog Pest Control.

London Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control services are provided by all of our qualified and highly-trained London-based technicians at Top Dog Pest Control. We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide to our London clients, and each technician will take the time to get to know both yourselves and your business, in order to provide the best service.

Operating 24/7, Top Dog Pest Control will always arrange appointment times that are convenient for you and your business.

In addition to medical settings, Top Dog Pest Control also provides commercial pest control services in hotels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, warehouses, and office buildings... plus many more.


Don't delay, call Top Dog London Pest Control for an immediate response today on 0800 7 999 880 or 0771 4313 502!
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