Who would have thought that cockroaches would have the ultimate girl power?! A report has emerged from Hokkaido University in Japan that proves female cockroaches can reproduce more effectively through parthenogenesis when surrounded by other females than by males.

Cockroaches: No Mating Necessary

Parthenogenesis is the process of an egg being produced and hatching without fertilisation. Hence, a female cockroach can reproduce on her own… no mating necessary.

The research team from Hokkaido University believes that it is due to this ability that cockroaches have been able to survive hundreds of millions of years. During their recent study, they found that the egg case, the ootheca, of female cockroaches developed at a quicker rate if they were surrounded by other females.

The Cockroach Study

The cockroach study began by three female American cockroaches being placed together. This proved the theory of the research team: that the egg sack develops faster in this setting, rather than when a female is alone, or with a male.

A sign of cooperative behaviour being optimised for reproduction is also found in insects such as white ants, and means that a group of females should be able to maintain a colony for a significant period of time if in the correct setting.

A larger group of 15 cockroaches were then observed and were found to be able to maintain a colony for more than three years. The scientist discovered that another female touching a given cockroach with their antennae aided the development of the egg sack further. When antennae were severed, the reproduction cycle slowed down.

Backing up their theory further, the team placed a male and female that were unable to copulate together, and found that formation of the ootheca was slower than in a female-only setting.

So, power to the girl cockroaches… no males need to produce the next generations!

Top Dog Tips: How to Control Cockroaches… Male or Female!

The above study confirms what Top Dog, and any other pest control company will tell you…that cockroaches are one of the hardest insects to exterminate once they have infested your London property. Tenacious, hardy and extremely good at hiding, they have survived so long and aren’t about to give up when you spray them with a can of shop-bought cockroach treatment. Ultimately, you need the expert and trained-eyes of our technicians at Top Dog Pest Control, who will trace the cockroaches back to their nest and insert specialised, industry-grade treatment directly into the area. Only then, will you be able to rest assured that no cockroaches remain.

The ultimate Top Dog tip for preventing a cockroach infestation in your London home is to maintain good hygiene levels, clearing away leftover food immediately, limiting the food source the cockroaches need. Storing food in plastic, sealable containers is also preferable, as these creatures are not against eating through packaging to get to a snack! For more tips and information, see London Cockroach Control.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London home pest control services. 

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