Everybody is trying to save money where they can these days, and when a pest control issue is discovered at your London property, it’s tempting to try to deal with it yourself. However, there and many risks involved in that decision. Here, Top Dog Pest Control discusses the dos and don’ts of London pest control in and around you’re residential or commercial property.

The Dos: London Pest Control

Generally speaking the ‘dos’ relate to proofing measures that you can carry out to try to prevent having to call in London pest control when rodent or insect control problems break out.

  • Keep food in sealed containers as rodents and even ants will chew through packaging to access the food.
  • Dispose of all rubbish frequently, ensuring bin lids are well-fitted to prevent attracting rodents and foxes.
  • Seal up any hole around the exterior of your London property. Also make sure airbricks are in good repair as they are a classic entry point for rats and mice.
  • Wash bed linen at 60 degrees, as this will kill any bed bugs or fleas that are present.
  • Keep up-to-date with pet flea treatment. Missing one treatment by a few days is all that is needed for a flea infestation to break out.
  • Treat any damp in your London property, as it attracts cockroaches and silverfish.
  • REPORT any London pest control issue to Top Dog Pest Control immediately. The longer an infestation is given to take hold and spread, the longer the treatment will take to make you pest-free.

The Don’ts’: London Pest Control

The ‘don’ts’ warn you of the specific risks and dangers of trying to exterminate certain pests yourself using DIY methods or shop-bought London pest control treatments.

  • Wasps: the brave-hearted may be tempted to spray a wasp nest with a shop-bought treatment, or worse, plug up the hole where the wasps are getting in. Not only can the wasps be angered and risk swarming, if their entry way is blocked, they can chew through plasterboard and you could find yourself with a wasp swarm in your London property.
  • Bees: the same risks and dangers apply here as with wasps. Bees are essential for our ecosystem and Top Dog Pest Control fully supports leaving a colonies of bees in place if it is of no risk to those around. If there is a risk present, then our expert technicians will work to relocate the nest and the bees.
  • Rats and mice: rodent traps and humane traps that can be bought from local DIY shops are very rarely effective. Professional knowledge is needed to know exactly where to place traps. Laying poison is highly dangerous and a London pest control expert is needed to ensure no other species is harmed in the process.

  • Ants: when ants feel threatened, the colony will split up in order to protect themselves. Attempting to treat an ant infestation yourself risks this happening, resulting in multiple nests all over your London property.

  • Cockroaches: whilst shop treatments can be effective in eradicating to visible cockroaches, you are unlikely to destroy the nest. Given that eggs can survive for a very long time before hatching, you could find yourself with another infestation in the future.
  • Bed bugs and Fleas: Bed bugs and fleas are incredibly tenacious creatures that are very hard to spot until it is too late. The first sign will probably be that you are being bitten and left with extremely itchy bites. Given their small size and ability to travel and spread with great ease, infestations are usually already out of hand when they are found and no amount of home remedies will eradicate them completely, allowing them to spread further.
  • Squirrels: A little known fact about squirrels is that their carcasses give off an extremely unpleasant odour, much worse than other pests. If you lay poison to eradicate squirrels from your London roof space, the squirrels will most probably crawl into a secluded place that is hard to access, creating a further problem.
  • Birds: There is much legislation that surround bird control that has to be adhered to. Only professional London pest control experts will have the knowledge to stay within these boundaries but also control any bird issues you may have.

Top Dog London Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control provides pest control services all over London, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Understanding the unexpected financial pressure a sudden rodent or insect infestation can cause, we pride ourselves at keeping our prices affordable and providing excellent service, putting our client at the forefront.

Our friendly, industry-trained technicians are never far away so will be with you in no time at all, wherever you are in London.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London pest control services. 

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