Camden Rat Control

Top Dog Pest Control is your go-to company when you discover a rat control issue at your Camden property.

Despite getting increasing larger, rats can reduce their size to fit through surprisingly small holes in your property. Damaged airbricks, holes near a waste pipe or any other failure in the building are ideal points of access. Salmonella and toxoplasmosis are just a couple of the serious diseases carried by rats, meaning any level of rat control problem puts all Camden residents at risk and requires the rapid response service of Top Dog Pest Control.

Our expert Camden-based technicians attend daily call outs to residential and commercial rat control problems, using their extensive experience and knowledge to provide reliable, quality service.

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Camden Rat Catchers and Removal

A multipronged attack is used by our expert technicians at Top Dog Pest Control in order to catch and remove rats from your Camden residence or business as quickly and effectively as possible.

In the first instance, Top Dog Pest Control usually uses rodenticides such as Chlorophacinone and Warfarin. However, increasing numbers of Camden rats are developing immunity to these toxins due to their high usage in catching and removing rats. If this proves to be the case, our knowledgeable technicians will turn to more toxic options including Difenacoum or Bromadiolone. Another option is cellulose-based products that limit the rats' water intake.

One thing is for sure: Top Dog Pest Control will see the job through from start to finish, and our guaranteed work with follow-up service means that we will return to your Camden property as many times as it takes to ensure that your rat infestation has gone completely.

Rat Control Services in Camden

Rat control services at your Camden premises will start by your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician carrying out a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of you property. This will allow them to collate information about the rat infestation and devise a tailored treatment plan. You will be kept informed at each stage and the treatment will be fully explained to you.

Once Top Dog Pest Control has laid treatment, your trusted Camden rat control technician will give you advice to further protect your property from another infestation, including where to block up entry points and how to store food.

Calling back at regular points to measure the effectiveness of the treatment, Top Dog Pest Control will also remove any carcasses. At the end of the rat control treatment, all equipment will be collected. Follow-up comes as standard with all our services, so in the event that you have further problems, you can be sure Top Dog Pest Control will be back at your door.

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Top Dog Pest Control covers Camden as well as a wide range of other areas in London including:

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