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At Top Dog Pest Control we're confident that you'll be delighted with the results of our insect extermination treatments that we carry out throughout Camden and beyond! Whether the problem is wasps or fleas, hornets or cockroaches, silverfish or ants, we have a solution to your insect control problem.

Discreet and effective, our Camden technicians have the skill, equipment, and experience to overcome a wide range of insect infestation problems, and all at an affordable price. Not only this, we treat each call as an emergency and pride ourselves on our rapid response times.

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Camden Bee Control and Bee Nest Removal

Bee infestations and bee nests present unique problems for home and business owners in Camden. Due to their environmental importance, destroying a bee nest is not the first line treatment in bee control. However, bees can become aggressive near their nests as they defend it, which can cause them to swarm and sting you and those around you.

Bee stings can be dangerous as well as painful, causing severe allergic reactions in some people. Fortunately, Top Dog Pest Control has the skill and equipment to remove the bee nest intact, preserving it and the bees completely, but also safely removing the threat the bees pose.

Camden Wasp Control and Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp nests and wasp control problems affect homes and businesses in Camden as they do elsewhere. Wasps are much more aggressive than bees or even hornets and they have the ability to sting multiple times, which makes them dangerous to humans and pets alike. Removing a wasp nest yourself adds additional danger as approaching or disturbing the hive makes the wasps even more likely to sting as they defend the hive.

Top Dog Pest Control technicians in the Camden area are on hand to safely remove a wasp nest from your property using an industry-approved chemical called Bendiocarb, which completely destroys the wasps within a very short space of time.

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Camden Hornet Control

Hornet nests and hornet control problems are becoming increasingly common in Camden and the rest of the UK alike, particularly during the summer months. Hornets look similar to wasps but are bigger and more poisonous, although they are generally less aggressive when they are not near their nest.

Due to the level of toxicity contained in a hornet sting, hornet nest removals are one of the most dangerous extermination processes we undertake at Top Dog Pest Control. Using the same chemical we use to deal with wasps nests but in a much stronger concentration, our Camden technicians can quickly and effectively exterminate the hornets.

Camden Cluster Fly Control

Cluster fly infestations are a deeply unpleasant or even distressing problem to have to deal with in your Camden home or business. Normally, cluster flies move indoors as the weather cools down and then hibernate over the winter, only to come out in large numbers once the weather heats up again. Due to this, Top Dog Pest Control recommends you get your cluster fly infestation addressed as soon as you notice it, if at all possible during the hibernation phase in winter.

That said, whenever you call our Camden team, we're confident that you'll be very pleased with the results of our extermination treatments that will leave your home or business infestation-free!

Camden Bed Bug Control and Removal

Given their name it would be understandable to think that bed bug control problems affect only beds, but in fact this is not true; bed bug infestations can also affect carpets and soft furnishing of your Camden property. What's more, bed bugs can even live within cracks in the floorboards. This is partially what makes eradicating an infestation very difficult.

Using a combination of Diatomaceous earth, sprays, and insect growth inhibitors, Top Dog Pest Control's Camden technicians can eliminate the bed bugs and their eggs, as well as working with you to ensure the treatment is 100% effective.

Camden Flea Control

Fleas can be a real nuisance when they get out of control in your Camden home, causing itchy and painful bites. However, these bites can also carry disease or become infected and require antibiotics in severe cases, so effectively removing the fleas from your home is of upmost importance to Top Dog Pest Control.

Many products that you can buy in shops to deal with flea infestations are effective at exterminating the fleas themselves, but unsuccessful at destroying their eggs, which means the problem just comes back! Top Dog Pest Control uses a combination of treatments as well as working with you at your Camden home to ensure that your flea infestation is completely eradicated. We also give advice about how to stop further infestations in the future.

Camden Silverfish Control

Silverfish infestations can be quite hard to identify initially and due to their tiny size, but the first signs that you have a silverfish control problem in your Camden property will probably the destruction that they cause. Books, wallpaper, clothes, and furniture; silverfish will destroy them all unless the infestation is treated.

Once the silverfish infestation has been investigated and confirmed, our Top Dog Pest Control experts deploy insecticides and Diatomaceous earth to eradicate your Camden infestation, halting the destruction and removing these damaging insects once and for all.

Camden Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are dangerous to humans as they can carry diseases and transmit food poisoning, which makes effective cockroach control important if you have discovered a cockroach infestation in your Camden property.

Often people underestimate the size of their cockroach infestation problem because they assume the only cockroaches infesting their home or business are the ones they can see; this is not the case as there are typically many more cockroaches hiding in their nests. This is part of the problem with cockroach control treatments that are bought in shops as they only target those cockroaches that are seen, not the nests themselves. Top Dog Pest Control's technicians instead locate the source of the problem, the nest, and then deploy targeted extermination treatments to ensure all of the cockroaches are destroyed.

Camden Spider Control

With reports of poisonous spiders such as False Widow Spiders coming to Britain, concerns about controlling spider infestations are understandably becoming more common. If you discover a spider infestation in your Camden home or business, give Top Dog Pest Control a ring today to receive expert advice and assistance in identifying the exact nature of your spider problem.

Whether they turn out to be poisonous or not, Top Dog Pest Control offers safe and effective treatments to completely eradicate spider infestations, giving you complete peace of mind.

Camden Ant Control

Ant control issues can very distressing and frustrating, particularly during the summer months when the ants become more active and begin to crawl around your Camden property in large numbers. Ants typically arrive in small numbers to begin with, sending what are called "scout" ants that look for food sources (such as in kitchens), which are then followed by many more ants as a colony is established.

Many people try to control their Camden ant infestation problems using shop-bought treatments, but often these can simply make the infestation worse as these treatments tend to simply split the colony rather than removing it all together. Top Dog Pest Control technicians working in the Camden area have the skill and equipment to remove the ants and their nest in one effective treatment, completely solving your ant infestation problem.

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