Camden Pigeon Control & Bird Proofing

Camden bird control and bird proofing is becoming increasingly popular as pigeons and gulls rule the sky more than ever before. Reports on the heightened number of gull attacks over the summer months has raised awareness of one of the dangers that birds can cause when they are not controlled in a proper manner.

Top Dog Pest Control is seeing birds gaining more confidence in Camden and starting to nest directly within populated areas. Our team of bird control and bird proofing technicians has the extensive knowledge and skills to be able to implement the correct techniques to ensure your Camden bird problem is dealt with effectively.

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Camden Bird Control

For Camden businesses in particular, bird control is an essential part of property maintenance. Not only are large numbers of pigeons and gulls unsightly for your customers to see, their droppings cause a slip hazard around your building and they are a general risk to health and well-being.

Our expert bird control technicians at Top Dog Pest Control understand the behaviour of birds and can tailor their treatment methods to your individual Camden bird control problem. An initial survey will reveal whether the birds are nesting within your Camden property, and if so their access points. Your dedicated bird control team will also carry out a detailed risk assessment of your property and establish what the birds are using as a food source. Only once this free survey has been completed will Top Dog Pest Control calculate a competitive quote.

Camden Bird Proofing

Camden bird proofing has to happen either before the birds have started nesting, or once they migrate for the winter. According to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1918, you are not allowed to kill birds, destroy occupied nests or eggs or destroy a nest that is being built.

Autumn and winter is the best time of year to proof against birds returning in the spring. Methods used by our Camden bird proofing team include installing netting, spikes, transparent plastic strip curtains or spring wire. There is also an option of gel discs being placed around the affected areas. Your bird proofing technician may use a combination of these treatments, depending on the findings of the survey on your Camden property.

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Bird Control Services in Camden

Top Dog Pest Control provides excellent bird proofing services in Camden and all over the rest of London. Whether you have a single bird that has become trapped in your Camden building, or a whole flock nesting on your roof, we will have a team out to you the very same day.

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