As summer approaches, London pest control companies are expecting a bumper season for insects, with wasp, fly, ant and flea numbers expected to soar.

Although many of us will have complained about the cold over the past few months, in actual fact it was yet another mild winter. With hardly any snow and sub-zero temperatures, insect populations are due to boom as the weather warms up.

Mild Winter Sees London Insect Populations Soar

Little snow and very few mornings of scraping ice off cars are evidence that temperatures have been mild during the winter months. London pest controllers are now preparing for a surge in calls due to insects such as wasps, flies, ants and fleas.

The milder climate that we experience these days is leading to an increase in pests for two main reasons:

  1. Less insects die off in the autumn.
  2. Hibernating insects emerge earlier, meaning more time for reproduction in early spring.

Adult wasps usually die off as the temperatures dip, but a temperate autumn means more females will survive, leading to more becoming hibernating queens, emerging the following spring. Instead of proportions of fly pupae dying off during the winter months, more is surviving. Similar stories relate to fleas and ants.

The heightened level of insects appearing earlier than usual will mean a longer breeding season, increasing populations even further.

London Pest Control

London-based Top Dog Pest Control is on hand if you find you have become victim to:

Wasps – there is a wealth of information in our news section about wasps, all of which will give you handy hints, interesting facts and inform you about what London wasp control is. One common theme though is the warning that you should never approach a wasp nest, due to risk of the wasps swarming. It is much safer to call in the wasp control experts at Top Dog Pest Control.

Flies – if you are lucky enough to discover hibernating flies in your attic, then they are much easier to treat. However, if you have not found them before they start to fly, you may find yourself with a swarm of flies in your living space. Either way, Top Dog Pest Control will be able to eradicate them.

Ants – once ants have found a food source within your London home, they will leave a pheromone trail back to the nest to alert the rest of the colony. Soon, you’ll have a long line of permanent ants running back and forth through your property. DIY treatments aren’t strong enough and merely aggravate the nest, which in turns splits up and establishes multiple nests.

Fleas – very small and very tenacious, often by the time you have found you have a flea problem, the infestation will already have taken hold. Fleas are incredibly hard to get rid of, due to the fact that their eggs can lay dormant for up to two years, only hatching on the sensation of vibrations. Top Dog Pest Control uses industry-grade treatments that will ensure a flea-free home.

Other Pests – Whatever the pest you are dealing with at your London residential or business property, Top Dog Pest Control has the knowledge, expertise and skilled technicians to be able to administer fast-acting treatment. Operating a London-wide rapid response service, we will get to you in no time at all!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide pest control in London.

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