As summer has arrived, so have the wasps, and they are not alone; pharaoh ants are also becoming increasingly present in Britain.

Top Dog Pest Control is receiving more and more calls from London customers reporting infestations of pharaoh ant in their residential or commercial properties.

The Wasp Season is Upon Us

The wasp season is upon us and pest control companies across London are preparing themselves for a surge of calls for wasp nest removal. A cold winter followed by a mild spring creates the perfect conditions for wasp populations to thrive. A mild winter causes queens to wake too early and feed on their resources or to emerge too soon into climates that are too cold for her to live in, resulting in a low survival rates and fewer nests being created. During a cold winter the queens hibernate more deeply, emerging at just the right time to create new colonies.

Top Dog Pest Control is warning that wasps could be especially aggressive this year due to their elevated numbers and the earlier a nest is reported, the easier and safer it is to treat.

An Abundance of Ants

Another pest that will be in abundance this year is pharaoh ants. Originating from more tropical climes, they have now spread to the UK and many other countries worldwide through international trade. However, not partial to the cooler temperatures of outside living in the UK, pharaoh ants prefer to reside in the households of unsuspecting Londoners. Normally found initially in the kitchen and bathroom due to their preference for damp areas, they soon spread throughout the house.

Although they do not bite, pharaoh ants can contaminate food with potentially serious diseases such as typhoid and dysentery, or at the very least a nasty bout of food poisoning. They are an extremely tenacious and resistant pest that and will eat their way through your food packaging, meaning contamination is a definite risk.

Unlike other species, pharaoh ant nests contain several queens, which periodically leave the nest with several workers and set up a new nest in another part of the home. This means that left untreated, you could find yourself with several ant nest and a severe infestation. Top Dog Pest Control also advises strongly against shop bought ant poisons, as these will merely aggravate the nest and the ants will split up thinking they are under attack, creating several new nests.

Tips to Avoid a Wasp Infestation

  • Wasps are attracted to food so food should not be left lying around and bin lids should be kept tightly secure

  • Keep on top of general house maintenance, blocking up any holes and failures on the exterior that wasps could use as entry points
  • An easy entry point for wasps is via airbricks. Mesh covers are available that can be fitted over them to stop wasps from nesting inside

** Tackling a wasp nest yourself is highly dangerous as they will attack in high numbers if their nest is threatened. Don’t take the risk; call in the experts at Top Dog Pest Control.**

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London ant control services. 

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