Top Dog Pest Control is constantly warning against using DIY methods to destroy wasp nests at your London property, but this time is was the British Pest Control Agency (BPCA) and the fire service that were issuing the warnings.

Wasp Nest Garage Fire

Firefighters were recently called to a garage fire that had started after the homeowner had tried to destroy a wasp nest by setting it alight.

By the time the fire service arrived, the fire was had already taken hold. Luckily for the owners, the firefighters managed to get the blaze under control before it spread to their adjoining house, but the garage was completely destroyed.

The home county residents incurred the much higher costs of rebuilding a garage than if they had hired a professional pest control company.

Wasp Control and Nest Removal

Speaking about wasp control and nest removal, Membership Manager of the BPCA, Kevin Higgins, urged people not to attempt to exterminate a wasp infestation by setting it on fire. Stating that it is always be safer to call in the services of a professional pest control company, Higgins stressed the importance of employing a trained and qualified pest control technician.

Using the correct equipment, protective clothing and industry grade treatments, pest control companies like London-based Top Dog Pest Control can treat wasp nests safely and effectively, no matter what their location and size. Long-reaching poles allow the chemicals to be sprayed directly into the nests, ensuring maximum effect and lowering the risk of the wasps attacking.

Operations manager of chief technician at Top Dog Pest Control, Dean Mannion, adds that following wasp nest removal treatment you should keep a safe distance from the nest. There will be periodic bursts of activity from the wasps for the next 24-48 hours, lessening as time goes on. Agreeing with Kevin Higgins, he reiterates that wasp nests should never be tackled with fire. Not only does it risk the wasps attacking, it can lead to serious consequences for the buildings and people around. A hard lesson learnt for the owners of the garage.

Other Wasp Control Stories

As wasp season arrives, stories are in the press of unusual circumstances wasp control experts have dealt with.

From one car enthusiasts finding a nest in his old Austin Seven, to another finding one under a wheel arch, recent reports also told of a giant barrel-sized wasp nest found in the attic of a house that had laid empty for over two years.

Very sadly, sometimes situations have grave consequences. A story from Switzerland told of a man being jailed after trying to destroy a wasp nest on his balcony. The wasps swarmed towards his neighbours on the next balcony, stinging them both. Tragically, the one of them went into anaphylactic shock and died later in hospital.

So, once again, Top Dog Pest Control ask you to think twice before attempting to destroy a wasp nest yourself at your London property. This small amount of money it costs to call in professionals is nothing in comparison to the harm that can be done using DIY methods.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London wasp nest removal.

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