Autumn is the ideal time to take action to prevent the return of gulls next season and Top Dog Pest Control is urging people to act now.

Each year there is an increase of people becoming victim to gull attacks. Proofing your London building against gulls reestablishing nests next year can prevent this.

Gull Attacks in London and Rest of UK

Reports of gull attacks in London and the rest of UK have been a regular occurrence this summer, with a little boy almost losing an eye and a teenager being air-lifted to hospital.

Leading experts on gull control in the UK warns that left untreated, gull colonies will grow and the risk to the general public will worsen.

Gulls were traditionally harmless birds that followed fishing trawlers, feasting on fish that was returned to the sea. However, like with many animals that are now regarded as pests, they have moved further inland as they’ve learnt that food is more easily sourced from waste food in landfill and around buildings. Not only this, they have become brave enough to tackle people for the food in their hands, and this is where the problems gets serious as people are getting injured.

Other Risks of Gulls

A gull physically attacking humans is not the only risk of large gull colonies being established in populated areas. Not taking gull prevention into accounts puts your London business at risk in several ways.

Gull faeces from large colonies cause a number of issues, from being a slip hazard to blocking or damaging air vents, pipework and solar panels on roofs. Even more concerning, if faces get into the air condition system of your business, your staff could be a risk of contracting a number of serious diseases.

Noise disturbance is another factor to consider, as a large colony of gulls can create an awful din, affecting the general public, workers and residents.

Act Now with Top Dog Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control strongly advises taking action to proof your London premises against gulls in the coming weeks.

Given that all UK birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is illegal to disturb or remove nests or eggs once gulls are present. However, there is nothing to prevent bird proofing once the gulls have migrated for the winter. This is why the autumn is an ideal time to contact Top Dog Pest Control. Bird proofing measures that will deter gulls from nesting again, include:

  • installing netting
  • fitting bird proofing spikes
  • lasers and taste adversion gels can also be used where necessary

Gulls can live for up to 35 years and can breed from the age of 3. Once a safe resting and nesting place has been established, they will return year after year with their young, who will then produce their own fledglings, and so the cycle will continue. The colony will grow, along with the risk to people.

Top Dog Pest Control offers a free survey and will quote for a bespoke bird proofing package, tailored to your London home.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London bird proofing services. 

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