Sniffer dogs at airport security are a fairly normal sight, but what about when a pest controller turns up on your doorstep with his faithful friend? Being used more and more by pest control companies, will the next recruit for Top Dog be a top dog?!

Known for having a sense of smell 100,000 more sensitive than humans, dogs have long been used to detect drugs and mould. Now, they are being employed by pest controllers in London and the rest of the UK alike.

Pest Control Dogs

With up to 100 times the number of receptors in a dogs nose than a human nose, dogs are increasingly being used by pest control companies for their inspection services, due to their speed and accuracy of finding certain types of pest infestations. This is of great benefit to customers as the quicker a pest control problem is found, the quicker it can be eradicated.

As a police dog goes through training, a pest control dog will do the same. Instead of being trained to detect drugs, the dogs are trained to detect, primarily, bed bugs and mice.

Bed Bug Control Dogs

It is thought that bed bug control dogs perform with 97% accuracy when locating an infestation. Given the different stages of the bed bug lifestyle and the fact that even when fully grown, a bed bug barely measures over half a centimetre, they can be incredibly difficult to the locate with the human eye.

Not only can bed bug control dogs confirm the presence of bed bugs in a property, they can also help the pest controller to find every last one of the bugs, ensuring the infestation is 100% eradicated. Just a few hidden bed bugs that manage to escape treatment is all it takes for a bed bug control problem to reappear.

The use of bed bug control dogs makes the process more efficient for both the customer and the pest controllers, as return visits are fewer.

Mice Control Dogs

Another area where dogs can use their sniffer talents is mice control. Like bed bugs, mice spread quickly and nest in multiple locations within your property if they are not effectively controlled.

Conservation Dogs, an association that specially trains dogs for conservation and ecological reason, were approached by pest controllers with a need for trained dogs to assist with mice control. After successfully training their first mouse control dog, they have now rolled out a fully operation project, which saves companies and customers time and money.

Dogs are trained to control mice by finding their entry and exit points of a building, as well as locating the ‘mouse runs’ used by the pests to navigate around a property.

Top Dog London Pest Control

Although Top Dog Pest Control doesn’t have a dog assistant to match its name just now, who knows what the future holds?!

In the meantime, our technicians continue to exceed the expectations of London customers, by offering fast, effective treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what London pest control issue you are experiencing, Top Dog Pest Control will have the solution… guaranteed!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London pest control services. 

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