It’s distressing enough when you find you have rats in your own London home, but what happens when the rodents have moved in next door but your neighbour won’t call in London pest control?

One family in Haringey experienced this exact problem and called Top Dog Pest Control for advice.

When Rats Become your Neighbour

When the worried father of three called Top Dog Pest Control, he described a situation where the family would see up to a dozen rats at a time scurrying around their neighbours’ garden. At times, they would also run through their garden.

The Haringey man, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Top Dog Pest Control that he had approached the neighbours about the rat control issue but that they were unwilling do take any action due to the cost, claiming that the rats weren’t causing a problem as they were only outside.

Rats Stop Play

The rat control problem was becoming more troublesome for the Haringey family due to the fact that their three children had stopped playing outside in the back garden from being too scared of the rats.

One of the reasons the Haringey family had bought the house was because of the garden and their children had previously spent hours playing out there.

The Haringey father expressed his concern: “I’m astonished that someone will let a rat infestation get out of hand around their property without taking action. We even offered to pay half, but they won’t budge. My children are suffering because of this.”

Advice from Top Dog Pest Control

Top Dog Pest Control advised the family to contact their council about the rat control issue and report it to Environmental Health, as well as encourage other neighbours to do the same.

In the meantime, our operations manager, Dean Mannion, also gave the caller these tips to minimise the risk of the rats gaining entry to his actual London property:

  • Make sure all rubbish is sealed well and that bin lids are well fitted to avoid providing a food source for the rats
  • Block up any holes in the exterior of the London property to avoid rats gaining access to the inside of the property. These could be where pipes go into the house, damaged air bricks or any other failure in the structure of the building.
  • Avoid leaving exterior doors open as rats will literally just walk over your doorstep
  • The gentleman was also informed of the dangers rats pose to those around, carrying serious diseases such as Salmonella and Toxoplasmosis. Any rat droppings found in garden should be cleared up promptly.

Unfortunately this was not the first time Top Dog Pest Control was unable to actually intervene in a London rat control problem, due to neighbours being unwilling to cooperate. Thankfully, the majority of people are more forthcoming when they realise they have a London pest control problem.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control. Top Dog London Pest Control provides London rat control and removal services. 

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