What to do when wasps strike at work. Under the Health and Safety Act 1974, as an employer you have a responsibility “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work”.

Whether wasps are gaining access into a workplace or nesting outside, there is a significant risk to your employees, and therefore you need to act.

Think W.A.S.P.!

At Top Dog Pest Control, we encourage everyone to ‘Think W.A.S.P.’!

  • WATCH – from a safe distance, observe the wasps.
  • ACT – call in London-based Top Dog Pest Control on 0800 7999 880.
  • STAY SAFE – do not approach the nest!
  • Proof – wasp-proof your London business against further wasp nests. See our article Top 10 Tips: How to Wasp-Proof your London Home.

For more information on ‘Think W.A.S.P.!’, click to read our article: W.A.S.P. = WATCH, ACT, STAY SAFE, PROOF: Wasp Control

Wasp Control for London Businesses

Wasp control for London businesses makes up a large part of our day job during summer at Top Dog Pest Control. A wasp nest is not only a risk to your staff, but also to your business. For shops and eateries, this is particularly pertinent. Nothing is going to turn customers away more quickly than a visible wasp nest on the exterior of your premises. You could have the best promotion of the year running and many people wouldn’t approach, never mind enter.

The cost of London wasp control is negligible when compared to the loss of potential business or an unhappy workforce. Understanding the risks involved of having a wasp nest present in a working environment, the majority of employers pick up the phone to call on our London-wide, 24/7 wasp nest removal services.

Depending on the location of the wasp nest and the circumstances of your business, Top Dog Pest Control will attend your wasp control call out at a time that suits you.

Pest Inspection Packages: Preventative Wasp Control

Top Dog Pest Control does not only provide London businesses with emergency call out, rapid response wasp control. We also offer cost-effective yearly Pest Inspection Packages.

Depending on the level of package you choose, your will be entitled to a certain number of emergency call outs, as well as regular inspections throughout the year.

Our highly-skilled wasp control technicians will be able to identify risk areas in and around your London business premises that offer wasps easy nesting places. Our team can carry out minor proofing works and advise on any major works that may be necessary.

Pest Inspection Packages are not only for wasp control. Whilst attending, Top Dog Pest Control will inspect for signs of rodents and any other pests your business may be at risk of.

For more detailed information on the different packages we offer, take a look at our London Pest Inspection Packages to Proof and Protect page. All packages are tailored to your exact needs in order to create a bespoke pest control service for your London business.

Our friendly team are waiting to help. Call today on 0800 7999 880 and book your FREE Pest Inspection Package survey and quote!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London wasp control.

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