Are jealous wasps ruining the unveiling of your trendy new picnic ware?!

All over Britain there are reports of people rushing to the shops to buy the latest in contemporary picnic sets… only to be dived bombed by jealous wasps!

The Jealous Wasp

Ok, so you’ve bought your new trendy picnic set and you’ve just got settled when the wasps descend, seemingly jealous of your new purchases… .crawling all over the little bespoke plant pots that you sip your elderflower cordial from, the individual floral tins that contain different types of bread and a homemade lemon drizzle cake… not to mention those quirky plates that instruct you to ‘eat here’!

What do these wasps want?! All you want is a quiet moment to enjoy a lavender infused cupcake!

What the Wasps Really Want?!

Of course, what these wasps really want is your delectable summer picnic treats! In early summer wasps feed on protein, and towards autumn they’ll turn to anything sweet, so you’re never safe. Your delicacies are far easier for them to feast upon than them flying around in search of more natural sources.

The problem is, they are willing to fight for them! Unlike the calmer bee, wasps are aggressive and will think nothing more than to stand up to you when you give them a swift flick away from your picnic treats. With the ability to sting multiple times wasps will easily attack, administering painful stings that are sure to ruin your beautiful summer outing.

Keeping Wasps Away

There are a million-and-one ideas on the internet of keeping wasps away… avoid having sugary or protein sources outside, don’t wear bright colours, use cucumber as a repellent. However, eating a cracker wearing dull clothing whilst surrounded by a circle of sliced cucumber isn’t the ideal way of spending a relaxing summer’s day!

In reality, there will always be wasps, but what you can do is take steps to minimise the number of them, so that you can go about your summer in a relatively ‘normal’ way.

Pest control offers that option.

Wasp Control

London-based Top Dog Pest Control offers a wide-range of pest control services, including wasp control and wasp nest removal.

One aspect of wasp control is to wasp-proof your house. Wasps can gain entry through the smallest of cracks in brickwork, airbricks and under the eves, just to name a few. Top Dog Pest Control can come out to your property and advise you on how best to prevent wasps from establishing nests in or around your house. Our qualified technicians have trained eyes to spot areas likely to be infested, and can even carry out minor proofing works by blocking holes or fitting mesh covers over airbricks.

Wasps Nest Removal

When you find that you are in need of wasp nest removal at your London property, there really is only one solution; call Top Dog Pest Control. Shop-bought products rarely work and often anger the wasps resulting in them swarming, putting you at serious risk. Crazy ideas you’ll read about on the internet lead to similar situations.

It must be remembered that wasps can sting multiple times, which can lead to sever allergic reactions, including the possibly fatal anaphylactic shock. Tampering with a wasp nest yourself can lead to yourself and those around you being put in significant danger.

Let the experts deal with it; call Top Dog Pest Control on 0800 7 999 800 today! London-wide coverage, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… our team is never far away!

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide pest control services in London, including London wasp nest removal and wasp control.

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