At Top Dog Pest Control, we come across people with severe pest phobias all the time. Arriving at a call out to a London property, we often find people in distress and part of our job is to first calm them down, before we formulate a treatment plan for the specific type of pest we are dealing with.

All of our technicians understand that pest phobias are very real and can cause a variety of symptoms, including physicals ones. Here we look at the different types of pest phobias and the effects they can have on your daily life.

Top Pest Phobias Found by Top Dog Pest Control

Although there is a phobia for very type of pest, the most common pest phobias found by Top Dog Pest Control are listed below:

Musophobia – rats and mice. Having a rodent infestation when you have a fear of rats or mice can be enough to stop you sleeping. Thoughts of rodents running around your London home, eating your food and breeding in their nests can be highly upsetting.

Spheksophobia and Melissophobia – wasps and bees. A fear of wasps and/or bees can ruin the summer months. Instead of being out in the garden or picnicking in one for the beautiful London parks, people can find themselves almost prisoner in their homes.

Katsaridaphobia – cockroaches. Nobody likes cockroaches. They are ugly, can scuttle into just about every crack and crevice in your home, and some species can fly… and if you have an infestation, turning the light on in the morning to see them scatter can be truly horrible.

Myrmecophobia – ants. A fear of ants can be due to the constant trail of the tiny insects that seems to have no end and no beginning, or it can be the thought of them running over your body and the fact there are so many of them!

Peristerophobia – pigeons. Another one that can severely affect your daily life, as pigeons are just about everyone. It can be one or two walking along the pavement in front of you, or a whole flock of them that take off simultaneously over your head as you walk through one of London’s many squares. Avoiding them can be a hard and somewhat humiliating task.

Acarophobia – not to be confused with arachnophobia, this is a fear of biting insects such as mosquitos, fleas and bed bugs. This is often found in people who react badly to being bitten, ending up with infected, sore and extremely itchy spots covering their bodies.

Arachnophobia – spiders. An all year round cause of anxiety for some. Again, spiders can be found almost anywhere, and what’s more, they are very good at hiding and causing nasty surprises.

Top Dog to the Rescue with London Pest Control

Being in need of pest control at your London home or business can be distressing enough. Add in a phobia of the pest you have a problem with and the urgency increases. Top Dog Pest Control to the rescue!

The vast majority of pest infestations need to be dealt with whether you have a phobia or not. Pests are either unsanitary, pose a risk to health or can cause damage to you home – often a mixture of all three.

Whether you are in need of London pest control for wasps, rodents, bed bugs, spiders or any other form of pest, Top Dog Pest Control will have a team of technicians out to you the very same day.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London spider control services

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