Mice control problems can be a nightmare for business owners in London. Small, persistent, and quick-breeders, mice can rapidly populate an area and cause havoc as well as safety problems.

Fortunately, Top Dog Pest Control has the skill and experience to quickly and effectively solve London mice control problems affecting properties in the capital.

Landlord’s Mice Infestation Problem

Recently, our mice control expert Dean was called to deal with a mice infestation problem by a landlord in London. The property was multiple-occupancy and let to students, who unfortunately had experienced first-hand mice control problems. What started out as a sound of scrabbling sound in the ceiling soon turned into a full-blown infestation in all the rooms of the house as the mice spread from the kitchen to the bedrooms.

Mice have a very acute sense of smell and so are able to sniff out crumbs to find a source of food, in this case exposed bread and porridge in the kitchen area. Once they have settled into a property, they can then follow the scent of food to rooms where plates have been left out, for example.

In this case, Dean treated the kitchen itself by removing the cupboard plinths underneath the cupboards and placing poison and baited traps. He then replaced the plinths to ensure safety for the tenants. In the bedrooms, he then installed sealed ‘snapper traps’, which are safe for humans but will effectively deal with mice infestation problems.

On his final visit, having ensured the success of the treatment Dean made sure that the problem would not repeat itself by closing up any small holes through which the mice could re-enter the property, for example around radiators. Top Dog Pest Control’s was quick, efficient, and ultimately successful in treating this unfortunate London landlord’s mice infestation problems!

Mice Infestation Prevention Advice

In London, mice infestations can pose a serious problem as many of the properties are Victorian or Georgian, which means that they can share attic and underfloor areas, but Dean has some advice about mice infestation prevention to try and minimise your risk of unpleasant and potentially costly problem.

One of the most fundamental recommendations for prevention of mice infestations and mice control problems is to observe basic food hygiene rules. Though this may sound very obvious, it is amazing how many of us fail to do this and inadvertently open ourselves up for potential mice infestations. To minimise the risk, it is important to make sure that all food is disposed of properly and that bins are emptied regularly as this can attract the mice. It is also advisable to keep food in sealed containers so that mice cannot find a food source in the first place. By following this simple mouse infestation prevention advice you can help reduce the danger of mice infestations in your property.

Time to Call Top Dog London Pest Control for Mice Issues

As always with pest control problems, prevention is easier than the cure, but if you have already got a full-blown mouse infestation, it’s time to call Top Dog London Pest Control, who have the skills and expert knowledge to effectively tackle London mice control problems.

 Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London mice control services. 

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