It’s wasp season, the sun has gone down, the windows and doors are shut and you can finally relax. That is, until your husband starts to plan the next day, sits down next to you on the sofa, puts his arm around you and utters those dreaded three words…

“Fancy a picnic… ?”

Picnics for Wasp-a-Phobics

As long as you can remember, you’ve had a phobia of wasps. Or, to make it sound more official, Spheksophobia. To those who are not bothered by these little evil creatures whose only wish is to ruin your summer, it seems ridiculous to be governed by something so small.

Hence, when someone so nonchalantly drops “fancy a picnic” into the conversation, they have no idea what goes through your mind. Adrenaline rushing, short of breath, you start to imagine the scene…

Sat in the middle of a picturesque park, you put down the rug, unpack the tasty food from your local London deli and pour a glass of the nice crisp, cooled white wine. Sounds idyllic? To some maybe, but to you only in your dreams. The reality is that you sit there, as crisp as the white wine, wishing you were just as cool but the truth being that you’re breaking out in a sweat.

You look around, envying all those other people in the park who so casually lounge on their picnic blankets… how can they be so relaxed?! Do wasps not visit their picnic blankets, is it only yours??!

You know it’s only a matter of time before it happens, it happens every time, and this time will be no exception…

Bzzzzz… here we go! A wasp. You give it a flick, it flies back. Your husband gives it a flick, it flies back. That’s it, you’re off. Flight is stronger than fight and you’re soon running like a lunatic around the park. The super relaxed people look up, wondering what the disturbance is. It’s you, doing laps around your picnic blanket until you’re sure the wasp has gone.

It’s gone. You sit down, feeling like a humiliated fool, knowing it will happen again… and again until the food is gone. So you eat, really quickly, glug the wine to try to relax! That’s it, picnic over for another time…

Fear of Wasps

All joking aside, having a fear of wasps is no fun in during the summer months. Many people find themselves using avoidance tactics, like staying indoors rather than being out in the sunshine, windows staying closed rather than letting the summer fresh air in, beer gardens being a definite no-go zone.

Being scared of wasps is extremely self-limiting and can affect your nearest and dearest as you find that you’re the only ones eating inside the country pub, instead of enjoying dining alfresco.

However many people tell you that is just a wasp, you cannot control the panic that rises when you get buzzed. Your try, you fail, you try, you fail.

London Wasp Control

Top Dog Pest Control can offer you some saving grace if you find that your garden has an unusually high number of wasps present. The chances are that there is a nest in or around your London property if you are experienced higher numbers of wasps than normal.

Our expert wasp technicians have highly-trained eyes that can track down a wasp nest in no time, and then treat it accordingly. We can also offer advice on how to ‘wasp-proof’ your London home or business, including looking for failures in the exterior walls, fitting wire mesh on airbricks.

Top Dog Pest Control has technicians all over London that can be with you the very same day of your call. So we can at least make sure your garden is a haven that is as wasp-free as it possibly can be.

Author: This article was written by Dean Mannion, Senior Pest Control Technician for Top Dog Pest Control who provide London wasp control services. 

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