Silverfish control problems and infestations can be a very frustrating problem to deal with in your London home that requires professional treatment from Top Dog Pest Control. Though they are not dangerous to humans and pose no health risks, they are extremely destructive despite their small size, which can be both upsetting and very financially costly.

Silverfish are notorious for chewing through anything containing mould, food matter and sugars, which can include possessions such as photographs and books, clothes and home fixtures like loft insulation, drywall, and wallpaper. While they do not pose a risk to the structural integrity of your London property, silverfish infestations can be indicative of more underlying issues in the home, such as rising damp or plumbing problems. Due to their small size it is very easy for silverfish to enter a property through tiny gaps or holes in the walls and it can be very difficult to get rid of them once an infestation has become entrenched as their hiding places are well concealed.

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Silverfish Proofing & Removal Services

There are certain do-it-yourself proofing steps that can be taken to try to prevent silverfish infestations becoming a problem that requires removal from your London home, such as regular vacuuming and cleaning to remove dust, hair, and paper, all of which silverfish can feed on, as well as keeping your home dry and sanitary in general.

However, once a silverfish infestation has become established in your home it can be very difficult to get rid of as they breed rapidly and are difficult to locate due to their small size. They are also nocturnal which means they can be difficult to effectively track down.

At Top Dog Pest Control our specially trained technicians have the skill to identify and locate silverfish and then effectively destroy them. Our technicians use a combined approach including Diatomaceous Earth (a potent dust) and traditional insecticides to completely eradicate the silverfish, successfully removing your infestation problem.

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Our Expert Silverfish Removal Technicians

At Top Dog Pest Control our technicians have the skill and expertise to remove your silverfish infestation problem, making it a thing of the past. They will first offer a consultation at your home and undertake a survey to establish the nature and extent of your silverfish infestation problem. Our technicians will then work with you to determine the best course of action and then effectively eliminate the silverfish themselves. All work is guaranteed and your dedicated technician will not stop until 100% eradication has been achieved.

Top Dog Pest Control’s technicians will also work to identify the underlying cause of the infestation, such as problems with damp or plumbing issues and will then offer advice regarding how this can be remedied to stop future silverfish infestations.

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