Top Dog Pest Control provides residential insect and rodent control services throughout the whole of London. Concerning ourselves to be London’s 4th emergency service, we offer residents of London quick response times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Where Pests Like to Live

Contrary to common belief pests, particularly rodents, are not only found in unsanitary conditions, but rather like to live anywhere that has warmth, food and shelter. This can be in the cleanest kitchen in London, as long as they can gain entry and get into your food cupboard.

In addition, if you live near restaurants, takeaways or riverbanks, the likelihood of you having rodent control problems that require the professional services of Top Dog Pest Control is even higher.

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Threats of Insects and Rodents

Insects and rodents are not only unpleasant to have in or around your London home, they also pose considerable threat to both health and property:

Health: Rats and mice carry an array of nasty diseases, bed bugs and fleas bite, and wasps and hornets sting. These are just a few of the risks to human health, children and even pets being especially vulnerable.

Property: Rats, mice and squirrels all gnaw constantly, biting through many forms of material including wooden structures, plastics and cabling, easily causing expensive damage to the structure and electrics of your property and increasing the risk of fire and electrocution.

Discovering you have a pest control problem in your home can be alarming and distressing; nobody wants to share their living space with insects or rodents. The key is to call Top Dog Pest Control as soon as you find evidence of an infestation, as the quicker you get professional intervention, the sooner your London home will be pest-free. Leaving any form of pest infestation in or around your home will only give it time to take further hold and control, making it increasing difficult to eradicate.

Top Dog Pest Control has the expertise, experience and knowledge to be able to deal with any level of insect of rodent control issue you may have in London and beyond. All of our work is guaranteed and we put customer service at the forefront, ensuring you won’t be disappointed with our specialist services.

Call Top Dog on 0775 1728 221

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