Controversy still surrounds the subject of the control of foxes by pest control companies, which continues to split camps. Some come down in favour of fox control, seeing them as unsanitary and a risk to small children and pets especially, while others believe that we should leave foxes to live along us in our London back gardens.

Top Dog Pest Control firmly believes that there is a risk to safety and well-being where foxes are present, and will attend any call out by London clients as an emergency like with any other pest. Foxes are a wild animal and despite their beauty, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened, especially if cubs are presents. We hear of more and more reports of urban foxes entering houses, and then attacking when they feel trapped.

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Fox Proofing & Removal

Removal and proofing of foxes from your London property requires specialised knowledge and skill. All of our expert technicians at Top Dog Pest Control have been trained to the highest of industry standards and have an in-depth knowledge of the wildlife protection laws, which rule against poisoning them. Our experienced London fox control team therefore set up traps that are baited with cooked chicken and contain a good supply of water. Once you report a fox to be inside the trap, your dedicated Top Dog Pest Control technician will return to collect the fox and dispose of it away from the property. If there is more than one fox, this process will be repeated until all foxes have been removed.

All technicians at Top Dog Pest Control also give you follow-up guidance on how to proof against urban London foxes returning.

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Our Expert Fox Removal Technicians

Our expert fox removal technicians are experiencing higher and higher levels of calls for London fox control, as foxes become tamer and more acclimatised to living in close proximity with humans.

Top Dog Pest Control strongly warns against trying to deal with a fox control problem yourself at your London home. It is illegal to poison them and you will face a heavy fine if found doing this, the use of firearms in a residential area is highly dangerous, and unfortunately if you were to relocate a fox into the wild it would almost certainly not survive due to other foxes defending their territory.

The most sensible and effective option is to contact Top Dog Pest Control and let our industry-trained team treat the situation safely and humanely.

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