London flea control problems and flea infestations are one of the commonest pest control issues, particularly in households with pets. That said, fleas can affect pet-free London homes too and once an infestation has taken hold, it can be very difficult to control and eradicate.

One of the first main signs of a London flea control problem is small and incredibly itchy bites that can cause both annoyance and pain, but more seriously can also need antibiotic treatment if they become infected. Fleas can also infect family pets with diseases that London residents are not susceptible to, putting your pets at significant risk.

Flea control situations move quickly and get out of control rapidly, so if you see fleas in just one room of your London abode to begin with, it is likely they will soon infest the other rooms too, which makes controlling the problem much more difficult.

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Flea Proofing & Removal Services

Flea treatments for pets, regular hoovering to remove potential fleas and decluttering to stop the fleas having places to hide in your London property are amongst the measures that can be taken in order to proof your home from flea infestations and avoid the need for London flea removal. There are also many products available in high street stores to treat flea control problems but unfortunately none of these are 100% effective and fail to completely remove a flea infestation from your London home.

The usual way to catch and remove fleas from your pet is to use a fine-toothed comb and then apply treatment onto the fur, but it is much harder to get the eggs. Flea eggs can lay dormant for a extended periods of time, only hatching on feeling vibration, such as from furniture being moved or a rarely used cupboard being opened. This can cause re-infestation, just when you think you’ve solved the initial flea control issue.

After calling Top Dog Pest Control, our industry-trained London flea control technicians will conduct a thorough inspection throughout your home, even if fleas have only been seen in one room, to assess the degree of infestation. Our expert London team will require you to perform a pincer movement with them in order to remove the flea infestation. The main part of this will include deep cleaning and decluttering your London property prior to our flea control technicians commencing treatment. The silver lining of a flea infestation is that you finally give your home the spring clean you been meaning to do for so long!

Our technicians will assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your London flea control problem. The options are the use of an industry-grade fogger-spray that incorporates an insect growth inhibitor, and/or Diatomaceous Earth, which is a residual product that kills any fleas that come into contact with it.

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Our Expert Flea Removal Technicians

When you call for the expert flea removal services of Top Dog Pest Control, our London-based flea control technicians will work together with you along every step of the way, beginning with a detailed consultation and thorough assessment of the extent and nature of your London flea control problem. Once this has been established, we will explain our step-by-step treatment that will put an end to your flea infestation.

It is particularly important to work together and our London technicians will ask you to carry out certain cleaning tasks before our visit to make sure our treatments are as effective as possible.

Once the treatment is complete and your London flea control issue has been completely eliminated, Top Dog Pest Control also offers helpful tips on how to prevent future infestations. Keeping on top of flea treatments for any pets, regularly washing of pet bedding at high temperatures, as well as routine cleaning are all good practice for any London home.

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