In times where life moves faster and faster, the number of people eating fast food in London is rising… and so is the need for commercial pest control.

The number of fast food establishments that you see around London is staggering, and with the ability to order take away with just a few clicks on line, it is becoming more and more part of the London daily diet. All this leads to more food, more pests and more call for pest control.

Rat and Mice Control

Rats and mice are never happier than when they find an overflowing bin at the back of a London fast food restaurant, and left untreated numbers soon get out of control.

Scraps and leftovers of food are inevitable within the fast food industry, especially with people disposing of packaging within close proximity to the take-away itself. This is why commercial pest control is imperative if you want to keep your London fast food restaurant rodent-free!

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are another pest that likes to take control of kitchens in London fast food establishments. The two varieties that are generally found by Top Dog Pest Control are of the German or Oriental species. No matter which are invading your London fast food restaurant, our expert cockroach technicians have the knowledge and industry-grade treatments to quickly tackle your infestation.

Cockroaches pose a serious threat to human health, carrying diseases such as salmonella, typhoid fever and dysentery. An infestation that is not dealt with quickly not only risks the health and well-being of your customers, but also that reputation and future of your London business. Top Dog Pest Control commercials services offer much needed protection against this.

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Ant Control

If you see a few ants in your London fast food establishment, it is almost certain that you will soon need the commercial pest control services provided by our trusted technicians at Top Dog Pest Control.

A few scout ants explore an area to find a food source before returning with the rest of their army. A pheromone trail is left between the food source and the nest for the ants to follow. Like cockroaches, they are difficult to treat with shop-bought products, which often just exacerbate the problem by splitting up the nest.

Top Dog Pest Control can have a trained technician with you the very same day of your call, equipped with the necessary treatments to put a stop to your ant infestation.

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Fast Food & Takeaway Pest Inspection Packages

Signing up to a Pest Inspection Package is becoming general practice for a whole range of commercial industries in London, but even more so in the fast food industry where the risk of pest infestations is much higher.

Pest Inspection Packages guarantee a certain number of visits per year from our highly-experienced technicians, who will check for signs of early infestation, as well implementing preventive measures, such as tamper bait boxes. Tackling pest control in this way reduces the risk significantly of your London fast food restaurant being victim to a pest problem.

Different levels of cover are available to suit your commercial pest control needs.

Bronze Pest Control Package

Quarterly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Free emergency callouts NOT included
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Silver Pest Control Package

Monthly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
2 FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection

Gold Pest Control Package

Fortnightly pest inspection visits
Dedicated technician
Unlimited FREE emergency callouts
Free framed Certificate of Inspection


Make a call to Top Dog Pest Control today on 0800 7 999 880 to receive your FREE NO OBLIGATION SURVEY. Following this, if you decide to go head with a Pest Inspection Package, you will receive a Certification of Inspection on your very first visit, which can be displayed to show that commercial pest control services are part of your health and safety planning.

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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control is becoming a sought-after service within London, especially for industries that deal with large amounts of food, such as the fast food industry.

Top Dog Pest Control provides both emergency commercial pest control services, as well as preventative services in the form of commercial Pest Inspection Packages.

Operating throughout the whole of London, we always have a team in your area that can be with you within no time at all, whatever industry or establishment you are in, be it fast food, hotels, restaurants, industrial, warehouses, medical, offices… and many more.

Our commercial services are bespoke and Top Dog Pest Control will tailor your treatment to correspond exactly to your London business.

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